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Elementary Returns to Sky Living – Cult Fix
  • It’s comming back?? But I just finished watching the whole first part of the series on sky+ (whitch everyone else in my house uses 24/7) when will I watch it???

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    A show that could have been good, but botched it with its dull plot lines, flat characters and overall mediocridy, which is rather a shame because now and then the shows smidgens of something good and new and original and such.

    Let me give an example, in a previous episode where the big bad of that episode is a psychotic sadist, you’d think this character would be interesting…but no, no he is not, they treat him as the generic evil of the episode, he might aswell be stroking a cat throughout the episode because all I see when I look at him is a James bond villain.

    The show constantly misses oppurtunitys it could develop its characters with, for example in an episode in a hospital the entire episode was based around Joan, yet she is completely ignored, I still say that she should have been the one to solve that case NOT Sherlock.

    Also the show is just predictable, it’s the most predictable show I have ever seen, the show has gone into this formulaic structure with no twists or turns.
    -Starts out with someone commiting a crime
    -Scene with Joan and Sherlock untill they are called in
    -Investigation after brief on what happened
    -Stuff that eventually leads to them catching the villain
    -We go to the INTERRIGATION ROOM(I am sick of that room now) where we find out about the villain and learn their very either pretentious or just ludacrous motivations for what they are doing.
    -Rest of the episode

    it bores the audience, fast when they just know what is going to happen each episode despite different plot lines.

    Thats another thing, the show is just boring, it isn’t entertaining, enjoyable or anything to watch, all the characters are just flat(I can’t remember half the names and personalitys of 90% of the cast because they just never make any precense they are just there to drive the plot forward, they have no character besides that) which is again, a shame because this show has some things it could really do with its characters, namely Joan, she is the most interesting thing in the entire series yet they do absolutely nothing with her.

    The show isn’t about character its about these very dull characters solving these very dull crimes which aree almost always murder, can’t you mix it up a little bit? its always murder murder murder, their has to be SOMEONE dead in each episode I swear.

    Oh and Sherlock is the dullest i’ve ever seen him, I never get anything “Impressive” from this sherlock, each version of sherlock needs to stand out from the ordinary crowd, but this one just blends in, hes boring, Joan greatly outshines him even in his best moments, when I watch him i’m just bored, maybe its just the way he talks, he talks as if he is just constantly tired.

    The characters are dull, the stories are dull, EVEN THE SETTING IS DULL, my god you’d think they would do much more with New york but we just seem to get the same location over and over, and I’m not asking for “go to central park” and that no, i’m asking for a little variety in the scenery besides the same, boring, dull streets, the only location I think is a breath of fresh air is Sherlock house, but thats about it, everywhere is dull.

    This show is trying to be its own thing but it just doesn’t know how to do it, everything in it is tinted with such mediocrity, its just a generic crime drama using Sir Arthur Conan Doyles characters, and let me say this, I don’t mind people putting a new spin on the characters, the problem is when its not good, when they make the characters less than what they were originally.

    Oh and I am not judging it by BBC Sherlock’s standards, that is unfair on any account.

  • I wish we would have known earlier. I didn’t realise until today. Not happy with the lack of information Cultfix. I can watch it on Saturday, but its not the point.