• I’m genuinely loving this series now. Couldn’t get better.

    • I much prefer Sherlock, but I like this, too.

      • I actually prefer Elementary to be honest. Don’t shoot.

        • TheCalebxyDoctor

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          • I like Sherlock but I really feel that the stories drag. Though the first and last episodes were considerably better, and Sherlock has the best moments, I find Sherlock in Elementary far more likable and the series in general more compelling.

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          • XFSL

            Elementary’s episodes just lose my intrest now, they bore me, they get stale and drag on and on and on and i’m just waiting for the episode to end, the cases are boring, the characters are the most generic of american crime drama characters, Sherlock is dull, he isn’t interesting to watch, Joan is still the only potential really good thing about this series, but they still messed that up, they had the perfect oppurtunity to create a good episode out of “Lesser Evils” but then they messed it up by NOT making Joan the focus of the episode instead made that incredibly dull, boring and downright predictable case the focus, I guessed it was the janitor from the second time we saw him, the show is just so obvious, its so predictable, which for a mystery show is not a good thing.

            Elementary seems to mess everything good they could possibly do, that episode about that sadist had potential but then they ruined it by making him just lose all intrest by making him so transparently evil he might as well have been stroking a cat, Joan should have been the one to solve the case in “Lesser Evils” not Sherlock.

            Sherlock is just better in every way, it keeps your intrest, the cases keep you guessing and even when they are preditable there is something else that really keeps your intrest like the relationships between all the characters in the show, that christmas scene in “A Scandal in Belgravia” i consider one of the best scenes in the entire series, it doesn’t move the plot along, by all accounts its pretty pointless but because the characters in Sherlock are so well defined and have great chemistry the scene keeps your intrests.

            Elementary doesn’t have that, its characters are not defined, not even Sherlock is defined enough, he seems to just be incredibly inconsistent.

            …And finally to comment on your little comment on Elementary’s sherlock being more likable, thats not really the point of the character, thats why John or Joan is the one we have to relate to the most, because as the audience we can’t relate to Sherlock, hes supposed to be on a much higher level then anyone else, which he still never feels like in Elementary, just seems like a smart guy, nothing special.

          • At the end of the day, Sherlock is the protagonist. Yes, Watson is supposed to be the one you can empathize with, but that is because he took the narrative voice of the books. Sherlock has to be likable. And to be honest, I found Sherlock’s hour-and-a-half long slot rather stretched, and it made me lose interest with the stories. I’d rather they doubled the length of the series but halved the length of the series.

          • Skoogles

            You know, just because Sherlock is the protagonist doesn’t mean he has to be likable. That isn’t how storytelling works. Like XFSL said in his comment, Sherlock operates on a higher level than… well, everybody else. With the exception of Moriarty of course. He doesn’t like others and doesn’t care with other people like or dislike him. It’s an interesting change of pace to have a series’ main character act like an unlikable jackass, which is what Sherlock is. To an extent.

            That is why I personally love the Christmas scene in ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’. When Sherlock apologises to Molly that functions as an absolutely brilliant and unexpected insight into Sherlock. It showed that he’s still human, and over the course of the series we’ve seen that, with it culminating in him faking his own death to protect his friends. John is the one that viewers are meant to connect with. It’s supposed to be impossible to connect to Sherlock because it is. He’s an enigma that nobody but himself understands. John is the more human character. The connection between the viewer and Sherlock. We learn more about Sherlock through John’s experiences. Without him to serve as the vital connection we would be completely alienated from him.

            Its the way all the characters just work with each other on screen that helps me to get through the hour-and-a-half run time. Which I have no problem with. Elementary’s characters and cases both leave something to be desired. The cases are bland and predictable, and the characters are lackluster. Hell, even Sherlock is boring and fails to keep my attention. He had absolutely no screen presence and just doesn’t seem like Sherlock Holmes. I have to agree with XFSL on a lot of his points, particularly in saying that Joan is the only character with any potential, and yet they seem intent on not giving her any development, usually banishing her to either the background or a corner.

            Sherlock has a memorable and dynamic cast of characters, and the cases always manage to hold your attention like a vice and keep you thinking, whereas with Elementary you can usually take a guess near the start and be right and the characters just don’t stand out. Honestly, right now the only characters I can name are Joan, Sherlock and Detective Bell, whose only defining character trait is ‘hey, I’m a cop’.

            In conclusion, predictability and forgetfulness are not good traits, and Elementary is full to bursting with both. It’s really just a mediocre show that can’t really stand on its own two legs before Sherlock. I’ve seen every episode and never once have I came out of one going ‘Well that was good’. i still don’t quite understand how its getting positive reviews. I suppose people just think differently…

          • I like both. I can see the appeal in Sherlock, I just prefer Elementary. Don’t get me wrong, Sherlock have done episodes like Fall and scenes like the Christmas scene which rocket ahead of Elementary’s, but in perspective, I prefer Elementary. Sorry.