• Elementary – Average run of the mill american crime TV show with 21 episodes a season, each being made in 8 days.
    BBC’s Sherlock – 3 Glorious extremely time consuming films every year (more or less).

    I like the 2nd one better. The quality in this american one just doesn’t seem anywhere near as good as Sherlock in any aspect. I would say the best thing about Elementary is Jonny Lee Miller. Worst thing about Elementary from what I see – the fact they made Watson a woman. it just doesn’t play well, or make me believe their relationship then. She seems snarky throughout this behind the scenes video and I just don’t see Sherlock, as a character, be willing to live or work with someone like that. Watson has become Sherlock’s mother in Elementary. Ugh. If they had to do a whole gender role switch thing I would have much preferred it to have been Sherlock as a girl, I think that would have been far more interesting and unique.

    Ultimately I see Sherlock as witty, clever, flagrant, eccentric, wild, and rich
    Elementary is simple, streamline, and tame

  • You know, if they’d just run with the premise they have–which is nothing like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson–and called the characters something different, just let the audience infer that it was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, I think I’d like this a lot better. 
    I absolutely love Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal, but I have to admit that Jonny Lee Miller’s take on the character is growing on me, as well.

    • anna irizarry

       I totally agree….it looks like it’d be a maybe interesting cop show if they hadn’t tried to  add the whole Sherlock Holmes element to it…… i still think they are doing way too many cop shows though.

  • Okay this isn’t even a proper Sherlock Holmes. The chemistry between Joh…Er I mean Joan and Sherlock feels forced unlike the unbelievable brilliant chemistry between Sherlock and John. Also Joan is a tiny bit bipolar she’s either emotional or emotionless which seems to be her default.  As for the questioning police officer it’s a cross between Donovan and Andersen. I mean come on their taking US crime dramas and sticking Sherlock Holmes’s name on. There’s no real well soul to this. It comes across as just a cookie cutter show, with  nothing really to offer. I can’t really see this going far.

  • I’d like to be objective about this but I cannot not compare it with BBC Sherlock. From what we see in this video it looks like Monk rather than Sherlock Holmes, but I’ll give it a try though.

  • Weatherwax

    “I hate it when I’m right”

    Because of course the one thing Sherlock Holmes hates is proving how much more intelligent he is then everyone else. 

  • I’m not too sure what to make of it. Hmm. Give it a try…

  • SuperCalebxy

    Well, I think it looks ok. 

  • TheSoundofDrums

    Well I don’t like the looks of it. Its like its trying to be Sherlock with the whole modern intellectual Holmes but then the rest of it looks like your average American crime drama. It is a project that shouldn’t have been started in the first place if you ask me. Holmes is out of his country and Watson is out of his gender. It just doesn’t look very good. Its too American. I don’t feel the character like I do in Sherlock. Sherlock keeps everything the same, it just simply moves Conan’s stories into the modern day. Whereas Elementary does the same but moves country and culture with a few pathetic hints at Holmes’ origins of Britain. This programme is almost like a bad joke that unfortunately can’t be erased. Almost a complete disrespect to the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • why did watson gasp at the freaking dead woman? 

    • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

      Gee. I wonder why.


    No. Just …. NO.  And I’m American.  Sherlock Holmes is such a British icon and has been beautifully brought to life currently by the FANTASTIC  Benedict Cumberbatch and the AWESOME Martin Freeman.  Why is Hollywood so….tacky?  Leave this alone.  It isn’t ours.  Let’s enjoy it the way it is SUPPOSED to be.  Iconically (if I spelled that correctly) British. 

    And may I just add….Lucy Liu as WATSON????? NO. NO. NO. 

    • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

      Agreed! I tolerated Downey Jr. He was acceptable (and freaking hilarious). But this? It’s going a bit too far…

      And what the actual heck is “Joan Watson?” Right then, I’m denouncing my American citizenship. I’m TECHNICALLY from another country so…

  • anna irizarry

    I think what i  take issue with about this show is that it looks very CSI:New Yorkish….if i did’nt know it was supposedly based off ACD’s Sherlock Holmes….i’d just think it was another Cop show. I dunno i will give it a watch but i’ll watch it as a cop show….and not as Sherlock Holmes in New York otherwise i will be way too inclined to nit-pick the show without giving it a  semi-proper watch through. For some reason JLM’s accent does nothing for me….it sounds a bit bland and stuff then again that’s just my humble opinion.

  • SpikeyBill

    “Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.” 1) Cliche! 2) Can’t imagine either the new BBC Holmes or the original Conan Doyle Holmes ever saying that. Life on Mars again?

  • Personally I don’t see what everyone’s problem with it is: First everyone was annoyed because they could ‘just tell’ it would be a complete rip-off of Sherlock; and now it’s provably different, everyone’s annoyed they aren’t similar enough!

    • TheFezAndTheBowtie

      Because there are just so many problems with it. A female Watson? New York? It just doesn’t feel right.

      • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

        *sob* Why? Why would anyone…I mean how…this is all too much for me….

        • TheFezAndTheBowtie

          I know the feeling…

  • ….I think I see this to much as the old series of Monk. It was a detective with a OCD also brilliant with female companion. But not like Sherlock holmes and I’m drifting off towards the wrong series.           
    I also might be to much used to the Sherlock BBC series with Benedict speaking fast as he explains something about the deceased person and reading about John watson actually being a man. Plus if they want to get based with the charaters of the story; well I like to know how Joan Watson would walk the player path with her different wifes. (Like Mary Morstan and I believe somewhere a royalty)    And the fact there is a guy rambling against him like Anderson or a Sally.                                                                                                         

    Not that I hate Lucy Liu or Johnny Lee Miller. But at my point of few Johnny has such..innocent eyes and badly enough I can’t separate the man with the face of Moriaty. Benedict can express his eyes so so well. But I haven’t seen the series yet so I can’t jump to conclusions. But if it’s different then Sherlock it would be fun and pull enough out of the great crew. 

  • I’m not surprised. This show will be entertaining but it’s no different from any other crime drama. I’ll probably watch it though.

  • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

    *weeping* Why must I live in this horrible, horrible country? What did they DO to poor Sherlock? And worse…John Watson? (Joan Watson? No. Just…just no.)

    Oh Lord. And the worst part is that I know one Godforsaken day, I’ll end up watching this and regretting it for the rest of my life.

  • Katherine Ledson

    This is so STUPID! They completley copied Sherlock! Well it’s showing on the pbs channel so maybe it won’t be so popular, and it looks terrible. – Morgause

  • Looks like an amalgamation of The Mentalist, Castle, and the soon to air Perception. LLLAAAAMMMMEEEE!!!!