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Elementary Casts Irene Adler

natalie-dormer-irene-adlerNatalie Dormer has been cast as Irene Adler in Elementary.

CBS announced that Dormer will appear in a three episode arc to wrap the first season.

The character was supposedly murdered by the hands of Moriarty, leading to Sherlock’s drug addiction.

“We’re moving to the next chapter in our show — and in some ways, to a previous chapter in Holmes’ story,” executive producer and creator Rob Doherty said in a statement. “Irene Adler is perhaps the most pivotal relationship in Sherlock’s life, and I can’t think of an actress better suited to the challenge than Natalie.”

Dormer currently stars as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones.

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  • Max Jelbart

    Very strong actress. Can’t wait for this – Elementary has really developed its own stride lately. I know this a blatant target for the BBC Sherlock purists, but if we can all accept our differences, accept both shows have equal right to be here, we can get on with enjoying them.

    Looking forward to this!

  • Harry Jewell

    Never heard of the actress until now…

  • TheGallifreyanBuccaneer

    The one thing keeping me glued to Elementary (apart from the Sherlockisms) is the Moriarty arc so here’s hoping it can keep up the momentum over the remaining episodes. That said, I’ve become rather fond of Elementary in general (even though Sherlock is far superior). I find it very good, despite the few naff episodes we’ve had lately.


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