• I tend to watch the Sunday showing of this. I’m very much looking forward to watching it; I loved the opener.

    • I record them I’m sorry but I’ll give it one more chance

  • I said from the beginning that I will never judge a book by its cover, and I was right to.

    I actually find it very engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. I’m loving how they have picked up on the drug side to Holmes, and have in their own way, stuck quite close to the original story, with more than just a modern twist on it. The twist here is that it is not Sherlock Holmes, born in America, lived and is an American, it is just the man, in New York, and decides to start again, giving it a fresh feeling.

    If it weren’t for the different actors in Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch, you could say that what we see in Sherlock is set before Elementary. I see it as not quite evolution, but a beta that is going to be successful and comes together as one.

    The 2 shows won’t interfere with each other, but could work well together, telling us a more intricate tale about Holmes, Watson and Lestrade/Gregson.

    My only, only concern is that there is no Mrs. Hudson who in all incarnations, has cared for Sherlock and John. But I believe that Sherlock’s ‘father’ may fill that gap, as a person who cares for him, but in a distant sort of manner.

  • XFSL

    My biggest problem with Elementary is just how… mediocre it is, it has good ideas that I want to see developed but the writers seem to think that these very meh cases they are taking on in the episodes(seriously the cases are just boring) are far more interesting which they arn’t, I want a scene between Holmes and watson where they just talk and develop their characters but the series refuses to do that, it begins to have a scene between the two, but then it just brushes it away to move on with the case.

    This may seem wierd coming from a guy who absolutely hated the idea of a female Watson at first(though I honestly thought they were going to go the romantic interest route) but I find Joan to be the best character in Elementary so far, I want to see an episode about her I want to know more about her character, I want to know more about her state of mind over losing one of her patients, but every time they bring it up its just a passing mention, I want to see how this really affected her Joan is honestly the only reason I keep watching each week now, I want to see her developed or the relationship between Holmes and Her developed because it seems like the writers don’t know that the relationships is the main reason(atleast I think) is why the Sherlock Holmes stories are so good.

    Speaking of Holmes… i’ve been unimpressed to say the least, he hardly seems like Sherlock holmes, he doesn’t even seem like an interpretation of him, he seems like jus a really smart detective, in the episodes i’ve seen i’ve seen nothing “remarkable” about him, yeah it has the deductions from just looking at someone but that only goes so far, I haven’t felt like i’m watching Sherlock holmes, i’ve felt like i’m watching someone play Sherlock holmes, thats just really me I still haven’t seen anything that amazing from him yet he just seems like any other person in this series only he has more answers then others.

    To bring up one thing that has just been annoying me since episode one, why in scenes has Joan just been standing in the corner or the back of the scene? isn’t this supposed to be Sherlock AND Joan’s series? I want to see her interact, I want to see her actually DO something not just stand in the background claiming Sherlock as some God among men, if you do that it makes Joan seem more like a tool and not really a character.

    Elementary is hardly any match for BBC’s Sherlock, its episodes are very mediocre its characters hardly developed with very dull cases, but theres so much potential in it, they have ideas they just won’t do anything with them, I just wish they would try to do their own thing and not feel the need to just make another version of Sherlock, it’s disapointing, I actually want them to make a good episode but if they continue like this, they won’t.

    Thats all I have to say on the subject of Elementary, my personal opinion.