• Nintendalek42

    In my opinion, if they said the show was only inspired by Sherlock Holmes, it would be better for its image. The fact that its supposed to be a Holmes show makes it have to have a minimum of faith to the original, but here it seems to fail. Watson is a woman? In New York? Sherlock is a womanising ex drug-addict? Who tends to be emotional? This amount of digression is just too much. This show seems to have a small amount of promise, but the sherlock shtick seems just to be an audience hook and a cash in the popularity of the british show. I don’t want to make hasty judgements from what I read, but the show had a bad hook to start, and the pilot wasn’t all that promising, so I’m not confident elementary will be worth anything…

  • http://theojreviews.blogspot.co.uk/ Oliver J. “cool”

    I saw this first episode and didn’t really like it so I’m never watching it again.