• Cyruptsaram

    I’m a little surprised by your verdict 10/10, not to mention, you’re obvious favouring of the episode. But, fans have reacted badly to the episode in recent hours, or so I’ve heard. I would not have given it such a high rating, but I do agree the final scenes, especially when Matt became his normal self again, it reminded us of him when he began. A good review, but perhaps too kind, Steven, I agree managed to give a strong and spectacular send off on the plate for Matt, but perhaps he didn’t pull all the right chords.

  • Doctor_and_Tardis_Everywhere

    6/10, you are favouring the episode…

  • Steve Willis

    It did its job.
    It lost focus in some places.
    Some revelations softened the impact of some mysteries. Silence are now less scary.

    It did its job. The episode is exempt from rating, like the 50th and Snowmen.

    I don’t like Doctor cheating on River.

    • Doctor_and_Tardis_Everywhere

      And i don’t like other people flying the Tardis, i hate when moffat does that

      • Steve Willis

        I feel like I had to know Mother better before I ‘got’ that she could fly the TARDIS.

  • Joel Mole

    I would give it a 5 or a 6 out of 10. Whilst the performances were spot on, the mysteries were tied up (I was pleased to finally see the doctor’s room) and the regeneration scene was nicely handled, the episode was cluttered and it ground into a halt once the siege began. It left me rather empty inside though I am looking forward to Capali’s era

  • I absolutely agree with this review. Matt’s finest performance.

  • To the people saying that John is biased.

    It’s his own opinion!! Respect that! if you can’t accept someone having an opinion then what the hell are you even doing here?!

  • Perfect score in my opinion! Agreed with everything. Well done John!

    • Nosliw Rennoc

      Hey! Good to see you!

  • The Afternoon of the Doctor

    For me –
    Out of ten? Eleven ;-)

  • David Havers

    Do not agree with this for me a 5 out of 10. Moffat’s writing is going down hill and fast.

  • danitronic

    Absolutely awful ending to what could have been so epic building upon the 50th.
    An as a big fan of the show I was utterly disappointed. Why just why did he have to gluff it up! The whole story was disjointed and lame. Why doesn’t anyone say that what he has wrote was rubbish to prevent it from even getting off the story board. It was worse than The wedding of River Song snf that takes alot.