• The Horde of Travesties

    I agree!

  • Thank you for the review, however I am now left with a rather bitter taste in my mouth after reading about all the flaws.

    This, of course, wasn’t you’re fault, and you did a very good job of pointing them out. From how I understand it, the way you feel now is how I felt at the end of the episode, however it appears to be redeeming itself.

    The previous earth-invasion stories have been stronger in emphasizing a clear threat to the world, such as Turn Left, The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, The Christmas Invasion, The Sound of Drums/Last of the Timelords, The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky and of course others. However, although it evoked a humorous reaction, it felt as if most of humanity were rather enjoying the invasion of the cubes – but I suppose that was what gave the invasion it’s uniqueness.

    I would be inclined to share your critical view of the episode, but as the rest of series 7 has been of such a high standard, I wouldn’t like to try and sway my views back to how I felt in series 6. This however, doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you, and as usual this was fantastically well-written!

    • Yes, I’m not a fan of it, but I’m with you – wash’t the best, but wasn’t bad.

  • Esterath MkII

    I strongly disagree. I would’ve given it 8/10. My reasons? OK< this might be long.
    The Power of Three is a promising episode. An insight to the Doctor's influence on Amy and Rory. This was shown at the Tower of London scene. The Doctor needs someone to stop him from edging over to the darker sides of his persons. This was proved in TWOF and especially ATCM. Amy is the Doctor's conscience and Rory is the morals. Brain was hilarious and Mark Williams was fantastic in his companions scene with Matt. Jemma Redgrave was good in her scenes, I enjoyed the Henry VII section. Anyone notice Rory left his phone charger there..? This must take place before ATCM! BTW, hurray for the Zygon and K9 referencesI welled up during the Brigadier references. I hope to see her and UNIT again. This is the UNIT Nu-Who needs! Look at the history between them. TSS and TPS were terrrible in terms of UNIT aspects. The Doctor acted as though they were criminals! They're not. They are a small organization dedicated to saving the Earth from aliens with their mad scientific advisor. Also the TV newsreaders, Brain Cox and Lord Sugar camoes were excellent. Made me feel as though it was an full-scale invasion! Now for the resolution. The Shakri was a clever invention although Steven Berkoff was wasted of good material, maybe a full episode with them in the future..? It seemed like a cop-out. Doctor waves his sonic around and everything as fine. Now I see why JNT destroyed it. What was the point of the alien nurses? And why did no-one notice the little girl was there at the hospital for months?! The last scene with Brain sending Amy and Rory to their demise- Oh, God. I am not ready! The Doctor has too go back and tell Brain about the Ponds demise then? If not- it's a wasted opportunity. PLus, that title sequence, what is with the ripple/wormhole effect as the lightning strikes the TARDIS? Hints to a new title sequence or for TATM? ANyway, overall, a great episode with minor faults.

    • It seems that you’ve fallen prey to the disliking trolls too.

      • Esterath MkII

        Is that normal? Is it trolls?

        • I’m not sure. But considering that we both disagreed with the article and both got disliked, I’d say that it’s just people disagreeing but not respecting opinions.

  • JJ

    I do agree here: 4/10. The scene with Rory and the strange Nurses could have been explained better. I mean, what was in the alien sryinge that they held? Simple knock out gas? And also, earlier on, when Rory’s cube opened, where was the gas inside…and how did he not die then? Theoretically, the heart-stopping poison must have been inside all cubes when they appeared on earth… O.o Rory has no heart?

    Another note…those other people lying on the beds next to Rory…they got blown up. Were they real people? If so, oops on the Doctor’s part.

  • Well, as a Doctor Who episode, it wasn’t that good. But it wasn’t a normal Doctor Who episode. This episode was purely to prepare for the leaving of Amy and Rory. And on that aspect, I found it very good. Anyway, another detailed review, keep ’em coming!

    • Honestly? People disliking this comment because I am stating my opinion ? That’s sad. Go and do something useful with your lives.

  • It’s an unusual thing to read a review I agree with completely; one hundred percent. There’s honestly no point in me giving any of my thoughts on the episode – you’ve said it all; every criticism.

    Great review, as always.

  • I agree mostly with you on this one Adam. Although I really did like the Doctor’s childish behaviour and how the Ponds life was portrayed, everything else you say is bang on. It was far too rushed. Far too rushed. It needed to be a two-parter. Plus why were the nurses even in the episode? No reason. Plot-hole after plot-hole. Some bits were good while other bits were shameful which is such a shame because I was really getting into the whole movie-of-the-week format and how grand/big scaled this series was being.