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Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor Review – Cult Fix
  • Cyruptsaram

    I loved it too! Brilliant review! I agree that Paul McGann was exquisite in portraying the Eighth Doctor and it is pretty easy for him to jump in and out of character. I also agree that despite Moffat’s lying, something pretty surprising has come from it!

  • TheWarrior

    Excellent review! I agree completely – this is HUGE. I actually feel like the actual 50th special has an even higher standard to live up to now.

  • One thing that quietly went amiss in all the excitement is that Moffat’s explicitly confirmed on screen that timelords can switch genders. Ohila states quite clearly that the elixirs can do this, it’s been implied strongly (see The Doctor’s Wife) but never explicitly stated as an option. Yet another delightful subplot to this wonderful minisode, imagine what Moffat could have done with 45 minutes on this!

  • I am ecstatic that the Eighth Doctor finally made his long-awaited return. But, I just wish that he had the main role in the Time War and am actually quite miffed that Moffat took it away from him. As great as the 50th is gonna be, and as bleedin’ brilliant as that prequel was, I just can’t forgive that.

    But a great job, Moffat, all the same! And a wonderful review, Pat! :)

  • John Smith

    I totally agree. This is GROUNDBREAKING to say the least in the history of DW. Just brilliant!! 10/10 for me anyday. I mean we actually got to see McGann regenerate. How amazing…!!!

  • TARDIS44

    My favourite short ever! What a way to start to the build-up to the special!


  • TimeLime’s Magic School TARDIS

    Moffat said he wants all the boxes checked and this was a brilliant way to check one of them, but he only opened up one more. If Paul can come back for seven minutes (although I wish he could come back for more), then may we see Hurt’s regeneration? Hope against hope.

  • Who Fan No 565

    Fantastic review Patrick! In my option TNOTD is some of the best 7 mins in DW history!

  • The_Great_Intelligence

    i think we should band together and get moffat to write two or three eighth doctor minisodes a year

  • Joel Mole

    When Paul Mcgaan said “I may be a Doctor, but not quite the one you were expecting” I just knew he was talking to the audience as well as Cass.

  • Whovian Down Under

    A brilliant review for a brilliant piece of Doctor Who. Every Whovian needs to see this as it really is a vital part of the show’s history!

    Oh, by the way (off-topic), I can’t seem to be able to access the comment section of Doctor Who TV. Is that just me or is it everybody?