• PK-S

    The greatest homage of all was the appearance of Tom Baker at the end. Now at first I wasn’t certain whether or not he was the Fourth Doctor but after thinking about it I thought to myself I’d like to think he was returning as his famous incarnation

    So you’re saying that at some point in the Fourth Doctor era when he was all curly hair and wide-rim hat, he managed to age thirty years or so to give his future incarnation information he didn’t know about?

    • Why not. It would make more sense really that he was the Fourth Doctor rather than some random character who just looks like him. Besides the Eleventh Doctor recognised him. I just think it makes the scene and Special that more special if you consider Tom’s appearance as his legendary incarnation.

      • Doctor_and_Tardis_Everywhere

        I Prefer the Moment idea, makes more sense, less fantasy.

      • Joel Mole

        I thought the Curator was the doctor’s future self who regenerated into one of ‘the old favourites’

        • mark27b

          He is.

    • The Oncoming Hurricane

      Well, the Fifth Doctor did it once…sort of.

      • PK-S

        If you are referring to Time Crash then get out.

        • Nosliw Rennoc

          Why, I liked Time Crash.

  • mark27b

    Never has the Doctor interacted with his future-self beyond his current incarnation….errr, yes he has as The Valeyard is The Doctor’s future self between his 12th and final incarnations.

    …that he has lost everything he had known and now wanted it back? His Granddaughter Susan and his clonedaughter Jenny aren’t lost but he chooses not to go back to Earth for the first and doesn’t know the latter survives.