• Brilliant review PK-S! You constantly amaze me with your writing, you truly are a magnificent reviewer!

    • @TardisBoy:disqus… thank you so much!

      Words can’t describe how that feels to me! I believe you’re getting some film reviews out in the summer? If so (I’m 99.9% its you that applied) then whoop! I can’t wait for that!

      • I am indeed :)

        Thank you very much :D

  • The_Third_Doctor

    “meant that it was one of the best series yet.” Hardly.. RTD Era Is so mutch more perfect, has a lot more to do with DW Classic Series

  • Great review yet again!

    • Thank you Michael – I read your Hide article and it’s superb – see the Write for Us page for more.

      • The Fashionista Hurricane

        His name is James, I’m Michael! XD

  • Fantastic review, you always stun me with your fantastic writing skills! Well done!

  • Pockydon

    Brilliant review, I agree with everything you said! You never fail to disappoint!

    • I think I disappointed myself with this review but everyone’s positive comments have made me feel great.

      Thank you, Pockydon!

  • The Administrator

    Is it just me that feels the Clarence and the whispermen scene should have been at the end of Nightmare In Silver as a sort of cliffhanger? It would have made more sense for it to be there.

    • That’s true.

      At the end of The Crimson Horror we had Clara returning home to see the Maitland children – why couldn’t we have had Clarence’s spooky encounter with the Whispermen?

    • YANA.

  • An interesting review, Pat, and well-written, though I don’t necessarily agree with everything you’ve said.

    Series: 6/10
    Clara’s White Christmas: 7.5/10
    The Great Detective: 8.5/10
    Vastra Investigates: 2/10
    The Bells of Saint John Prequel: 5/10
    Clarence and the Whispermen: 8,5/10
    The Companions: 9/10

    One of my issues was the cereal-box packaging. My box for Series 7A has already been partially torn now; you have to be so careful when getting the DVDs out. A bit of me wishes I’d done the usual and waited for the full series – I remember that when I waited in 2009 for the Specials Boxset, I wasn’t disappointed!

    • Thank you, David. It’s nice to see a compliment from you – it means a lot.

      I’m curious as to why you ranked Vastra Investigates and The Bells of Saint John – A Prequel so low!

      • The one for Bells wasn’t too bad, though nothing special, but I really can’t stand Vastra Investigates. It’s completely unrealistic, not funny, not accurate with Victorian values, puts Vastra and Jenny in a bad light for me and is ever cringe-worthy at times. But the final part is good; Vastra’s alluding to the double heartbreak; either Time Lord biology, or possibly one heart for Amy and the other for Rory.

  • Apart from a few slightly faulty episodes, Series Seven was brilliant and I can’t wait for the 50thAnniversary in November!

    Neither can I…

  • omer8882

    No bloopers of the series in the DVD?!

    • The Fashionista Hurricane

      More likely to be on the full series release, if at all.

  • This is a splendid review, Pat, and very professional too. I’m not as positive about this series as you are, but it was nevertheless interesting to hear your thoughts.

  • twoheartsonemind

    Nice review. My explanation for Clarence DeMarco had been that he was psychic, since we know from Hide that they exist.

  • The Doctor

    Thanks for the review!