• Cyruptsaram

    A wonderful article, I’m glad you’ve spotted the many references within the Doctor Who world including the corsair and the Eleventh Doctor’s first few words. To be honest, I am not against a female Doctor unlike yourself, but I’ve decided that only the best actor/actress can play the Doctor and whenever that decision comes up again, the best actor/actress will get the part.

    • Cheers! I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

      I can understand your view. If the best person for the part is a female, then why shouldn’t she get it? It would be undeniably discriminatory to deny her if she proved more able for the part than any of the other auditionees at the time. But for the reasons I’ve stated in the article above, I would still find it very difficult coming to terms with the change.

  • Who Fan No.565

    Great article!

  • Lovely to read such an objective article on this very volatile subject. Get this up on DWTV pronto I say.

    • Thank you! I decided against submitting it to DWTV on the basis that it’s been a frequent topic over the last few weeks. Plus, on Cultfix it’s less likely to evoke the ire of the masses, because there’s less of a Doctor Who readership that visit this site (generally, only the real regulars from DWTV comment here, and they aren’t the people prone to the sort of arguments I wanted to avoid with this article).

  • I love this article, James! Fantastic work! I think you’ve summed it all up perfectly, and I agree, the Doctor shouldn’t be a female. Bravo!

    • Cheers! That’s great to hear! Really glad you enjoyed and agreed with it.

  • SakuraPandaTeaTime

    Excellent. I think itsunlikelyto happen soon but it has been suggested, also by Neil Gaiman, that the Doctor might start to lose control of his regeneration s when he hits that magic 13 number, which would give the writers a good excuse to start casting women, and colored people and dogs, and teapots

  • Kahler_Jex

    Great article! I’m not particularly against or indeed for a female doctor- it needs to be the right choice. If and when it does happen, I think that the writers will need to think about some of the things that you have said here, particularly to ensure continuity.