• It’s not really a surprise that this is yet another astute review; a brilliant assessment of the episode. I disagree in parts; agree in others, as would be expected. Overall, though, I’m mostly in agreement with your select criticisms and appraisals.

    Highlighted in your review is the conflictual nature of the episode’s tone; lighthearted one moment; dark the next. There’s an undeniable problem with the lack of a definitive direction taken; does the episode want to be comedic; fun? Or, does it wish to be taken more seriously? It’s not just the prominence of both tones; which was jarring in and of itself, but the extremes that both were taken to. The comedy was crass; unsubtle innuendos (“With a very large weapon”, “Just my balls”) or childish little quips (“Mr. Manners”, “A bit of oil just came out”). Often cringe-worthy and insufferably deliberate. Then there was the genocide; a ruthlessly, callous action committed by the main antagonist, Solomon. His behaviour; dialogue and actions throughout were of an extremely dark; adult nature; heavily conflicting with the other dominant tones established in the episode. The episode simply undermined its own potential with the noticeably opposing themes.

    I would be interested in your overall verdict at the end of these reviews, just to guage the influence of your criticisms. It seems to be the only thing missing in this categorical piece of anlaysis.

    That’s my thoughts aside, anyway. Well done, again.

    • Pdurston

      I definitely agree with some of this, mostly with the inconsistent tones that the episode has difficulty establishing for itself (“clash of tones” is a great phrase), and the crass and cringeworthy innuendos that made it a tad bit juvenile. The episode was generally good with a lot of great, memorable highlights, but it’s these two that let some of it down (not all of it luckily).

      The episode could have been a lot better if it focused more on the dinosaurs, considering they’re both included in the title and the promotional poster. There’s no real sense of danger or menace to them as Adam stated in the review. I was very impressed by the CGI to them but really, they’re just like the classic Daleks; a real missed oppurtunity where there potential wasn’t used to the full. We got a bit of dinosaur action but not enough that I was hoping for.

      Other than the cringeworthy and insufferable parody Robots and the one-dimensional and bland Queen Nefertiti, this episode is very enjoyable IMO. It’s David Bradley and Matt Smith that steal the episode if you ask me with their on-screen presence that they share. Their confrontation between each other is what makes the story great. Bradley was convincingly brilliant as the villain Solomon. He’s the type of antagonist in Doctor Who that manages to disgust you. That’s an effective villain if you ask me. His comeuppance is sweet though.

      Special mention has to go to Brian sitting on the end of the TARDIS eating his lunch whilst viewing the Earth. It’s a very special moment in the episode
      and it’s what makes the show so wonderful at times.

      So in conclusion, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship contains a bagful of positive and negative elements. But some of them I find can be forgiven, whereas some others can’t. Overall, it’s a great bundle of fun and enjoyment despite the lack of dinosaur range, a few weak performances from supprting characters, the undecided tone of the episode and the “Carry On” style innuendos. Like I said before, it’s like a bag of sweets; perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

      I’ll give it a good 7.5/10

      Great review yet again TheStranger. Agreed and disagreed with some of it but it was another good read. I’m loving these reviews.

  • TardisBoy

    Another magnificent review The Stranger. Your analysis of the episode is spot on, and I actually agree with you on everything you have stated.

    I too, like you, had my doubts about the premise of the story, and Chibnall as a writer. And like you I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the episode, it is safe to say that with DoaS, my faith in Chibnall has been somewhat restored, and I am eagerly anticipating his next episode The Power of Three.

    Anyway, congratulations on another brilliant review, I cannot wait to share our thoughts on ATCM, a story we are both eagerly awaiting :D

  • EternalDoctor

    Finally your review has arrived and as always it was a complete joy to read. You’re extremely articulate and I think you (and your fellow reviewers) have (so far) been the perfect choices to write these reviews.

    I agree with each of your opinions on the episode although I found the episode to only be mildly entertaining. It had its fair share of some visually satisfying moments as well as some witty dialogues, but that’s about it! It was a ‘blockbuster’, but not something to be praised by critiques.

    There’s also a huge play of convenience: *Just as you mentioned, Mark’s talent wasn’t done any justice and I believe that the only reason for Brian’s character to be there was the piloting system. It was very convenient that Rory’s father was along just in the right time.*Conveniently Queen Nefertiti went along just so that it could be proved how menacing Solomon was by capturing her. It also gave The Doctor further motive to later on kill him and it slightly raised the tension.

    That was just something I wanted to get off my chest, but back to the highlight which is your incredible ability of writing. My praise for you is endless Adam and I’m sure that your reviews is only the beginning of your contribution towards ‘Doctor Who’… Your reviews prove your intelligence, capability and your high caliber. You’re a talented individual and I really hope you use your potential to a further extent!

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    Brilliant review. I agree on the most part but there are quite a few things I disagree with.

  • EternalDoctor

    I can’t find a single flaw in this review, but there is an element which I find disagreeable for me. You stated that this is an improvement to Chibnall’s writing, whereas I found it to be worse than his previous efforts. I didn’t enjoy 42, but Hungry Earth/Cold Blood was a magnificent story with wonderful twists. It had exactly what this episode lacks; depth and a good dose of emotions IMO ;)

    • TheStranger

      I’m not keen on The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood – In short, I find it dull. The whole morality issues it presents are predictable and uninteresting, the villain Restac is cliched and one-note (‘I hate humans’ basically) and I don’t much care for anything that happens. The only character I like is Ambrose; the mother trying to protect her family. You could say, on a level, the episode explores polarising female ‘roles’: the warrior-female versus the mother-female – but any depth is lost under how dull the whole thing is. Sure, Rory’s death is emotional, Amy forgetting him, as well as the TARDIS ‘shrapnel’ – but if you look past the elements necessary to the story-arc, I don’t find much in the story to recommend it. I respect your opinion, however.

      • EternalDoctor

        It’s very kind of you to tell me your opinions on it. Usually these opinions are baseless, but you clearly have a valid reason for disliking the episode. I still maintain my initial thoughts, but I also respect your opinions.

    • Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All

      Whats funny is that I found 42 to be his best episode followed by DOAS. I found THE/CB very dull and uninteresting at some points. Chris Chibnall I fell his improved dramatically in this episode and am looking forward to TPO3.

  • Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All

    I love this review. While I disagree with a few point all in all you pointed out all the main aspects. And yes Karen was at the top of her game ;)

  • Kahler_Jex

    I love these reviews!

  • I’ll keep my comments here rather than on DWTV I think, better to talk about the review in full, although it’s interesting to see in essence two different reviews

    I find myself agreeing with a lot of this article I’m pleased to say, as I wasn’t particuarly in unison with the Asylum review but hey, that’s opinions for you. I do get the feeling you don’t like a misleading title though, as so far that has been the case this season. Much like Let’s Kill Hitler, which has about 5 minutes of Hitler in it, Asylum and DOAS haven’t really been about Daleks and Dinosaurs respectively, as Asylum was busy with Oswin/the Pond marriage and Dinosaur with the Doctor’s ‘gang’, Solomon and the ships not getting blown up. I don’t find it a bad thing, the title sets the scene of a story as much as telling you exactly what will happen, and it’s a nice surprise to see a story go in a direction I didn’t expect. I just wonder if your opinions of the dinosaurs was put off by that

    Also I don’t think Mark Williams was under-used much, I enjoyed his Rory-esque role as the Doctor’s straight man, which makes sense to the role of Rory’s father. And that moment when he stares over the world from the Tardis with a cup of tea is a beautiful moment indeed. I’d argue in fact that he gets more screen time than Karen Gillan did actually.

    I like the Beast Below reference, it’s not something I really considered before, and actually shows that in some ways this darker minded Doctor isn’t a new theme that everyone seems to believe in comments elsewhere. You do pick up on these interesting little points, which is one of the reasons I enjoy your very intelligent and all-encompassing reviews

  • I can’t wait for your A Town Called Mercy review!