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Doctor Who: Cult Fix Writers on “The Time of the Doctor” – Cult Fix
  • Steve Willis

    Since I feel that The Snowmen and Time of the Doctor were hurt by the greater themes (Clara V2 being met and The Doctors Regeneration), perhaps future Christmas Doctor Who episodes should be stand-alone. They shouldn’t continue any overarching plots.

    I got enjoyment from Time, but I felt like too much was being dealt with. The Christmas aspect was just too much.
    Perhaps this episode would have been better if it was part of the series as a special extended episode. Or a stand alone special that wasn’t tied in with any calendar event.

    It’s a shame the episode title “Silent Night” couldn’t have been used either.

  • Pdurston

    I didn’t know you guys had articles planned?! :O

    Nice ones, though!

  • Gustaff is really John Titor

    I loved this amalgamation of articles. Great job and enjoyable read. I feel the same way.

  • danitronic

    Oh please why don’t people just tell it as it was. It was pants. A big rushed sloppy mess. Definitely not upto the standard set before it by The Day of the Doctor and even The Name of the Doctor. Time to get some help I think, why not bring in another head writer to help…or least proof read whats going into production.