• A Seventh Doctor on Mars

    Awesome review John!

    I thought the episode was massively overrated. Aside from the Doctor’s war speech, there wasn’t anything that particularly stood out for me. I actually thought Jenna Coleman was a little weaker than usual. All in all I’d say 7/10. It was certainly a good episode, but the hype surrounding it baffles me a little bit!
    It’s all subjective though. Some things appeal to others that don’t appeal to me, and vice versa. This episode showcased that primarily, but it also showed how Doctor Who can be told through so many different genres and each episode can appeal specifically to certain people. That’s what’s so great, in my opinion, in that Doctor Who can be a completely different show one week compared to the next week.
    Peter Capaldi was great as usual. I genuinely think he is one of the strongest actors to have played The Doctor.

    As I said, great review :-)