• Edward Delingford

    A superb gem of an episode which feels like poetry. My favourite of series 9 so far but to my mind there hasn’t been a single weak episode this year and it’s head and shoulders above anything else the show has done.
    Capaldi was brilliant as ever shifting effortlessly between humour and drama and had fantastic chemistry with Williams. She gave a brave performance, not going for the obvious and easy choices in conveying her weariness and her broken heart and soul but showing us the empty shell which immortality had made her.
    The dialogue was immaculate and I think the best we have ever had on the show. Beautifully lit, exquisite costumes and wonderful setting underlined how special this was.
    In future years, I think this will go down as a classic and will be seen as emblematic of a series which has attempted to do things the show has never done before and made these completely successful.