• TheCyberDoctor

    Great review! While this episode could, to some, seem like an ordinary episode of Doctor Who, there is so much more to it. The characters are incredibly well-realised, the ghosts look amazing, the sets are brilliant, the direction sublime, and the music captivating. If all episodes could reach this level of quality, then it would be truly fantastic. Whithouse has really delivered with this, not that I wasn’t expecting him to, and I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store this saturday!

  • Edward Delingford

    A really impressive episode which features great dialogue, terrific and fully fleshed secondary characters and a great set and design features. The ghosts are very impressive and I can imagine that this would be one of the scarier episodes for younger children. The great writing, brilliant pacing, clever story reveal and tense set up would define this as a well above average episode in any case (although it does suffer by having to follow what are two of the greatest if not the greatest episodes in new Who) but what sets this one as outstanding are the performances and characterisation of the Doctor and Clara. The script allowed time for some nice interchanges to show that the Doctor does really care for Clara, foreshadows his concern about her growing recklessness and lastly their great and very funny partnership. All of the humour this week was on point, with the brilliant cue card scene as well as lots of pithy zingers from Peter Capaldi, reminding us he is still the sharp tongued alien. Can’t think of a single criticism of this one – the nods to other and inferior new Who episodes like 42, Impossible Planet, Rebel Flesh, Waters of Mars added to the feeling of continuity. The second part looks very brave by removing the action to an earlier time and on land and looks to establish the secondary characters even further. Unlike the somewhat marmite openers, this is surely one which everyone can enjoy as it’s classic old fashioned Who at the very top of its game. Another 10/10 from me.