• Steve Willis

    That’s the difficulty of reviewing parts of a sequential episode is often one relies on the other.
    Part 1 sets the scene. Part 2 sweeps the scene away.

    I don’t know what to make of this episode yet, because I need to see part 2 to evaluate them together.

    The times when segmented stories can be reviewed independently is when both parts have their own stories. Example is the revived series 1 finale. Part 1 is the Bad Wolf conundrum and the sick gamestation. Part 2 was dealing with a Dalek invasion.

    Strong ideas in this episode. Master & Davros in the same episode. UNIT as well.

  • iBooa the First

    On Skaro, Missy said “they brought it back.” Maybe Davros did something. All the old Daleks should’ve died in the Time War, so my guess is that either Davros went back in time before it was destroyed in Revelation, or he saved it somehow and brought it to the present along with every Dalek on it.

  • Edward Delingford

    Great review. I’d mark it higher as for me there wasn’t a single duff note. Moffat continues to confound our expectations. I can see that it does need to be viewed with the second episode. My favourite part remains the interactions with Davros and very pleased to see Julian Bleach return. His Davros while well acted in Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, felt too strong a character and actor faced off with Tennant’s sillier and more bombastic doctor. He really only got to do insanity in those episodes.

    A real missed opportunity and thrilled that Moffat was able to get him back, lured no doubt by such a well written and intriguing part as well as being to work with an actor of Capaldi’s calibre. Capaldi is a much better match and by having a doctor (and actor) with more gravitas and the skill to walk the fine line between contempt and compassion, it’s going to be a thrill next week to see them face off. I would be pleased to see the occasional return of Davros down the track during 12’s run too as they do seem an excellent fit.

    The show is back to top form in what promises already to be the best since 2005 and we haven’t even got around to River Song at Christmas yet. Bet Peter and Alex had fun making that one!

  • Chris

    “I hate the fact that every single Dalek story in Moffat’s era either changes the design of their bases or the way the Dalek Empire operates. First it was implied through other mediums that the Paradigm were the new dominate Daleks, then they were shifted to being merely members of the Dalek Parliament and the bronze Daleks took centre stage once again (one step forward, two steps back), then the Paradigm disappeared from the face of reality before finally having a Dalek Empire derived from every single Dalek in history.” Massively agree here. I don’t hate any of these varations of the empire though. I’d love an all paradigm, I’d love them being just the main taskforce. I’d love an all bronze empire again like we see in ITD. And the diverse empire of different era of daleks looks awesome. But I do want ONE of these, not constant changing.

    I dont really care about skaro continuity. It was destroyed in ROTD, then Cann says it was destroyed in the timewar. it was destroyed twice, it’s already screwed up for canon

  • The Exploding TARDIS

    Nothing really happened in the episode. Missy’s back, Planes have stopped…Davros?
    This is an episode about a lot happening because nothing is happening. Can’t Davros die without the Doctor visiting?