• Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

    I personally thought the reveal of the Master was the best scene of the episode, and I have absolutely no problems with the new Master- or hell, a hypothetical new Doctor- being a woman as long as they have a good actress. And Michelle Gomez is a fantastic actress, and a perfect match for the character.

  • disqus_AwYoAf87wI

    I don’t like the idea of Timelord gender swaps. I dislike how the Master is now the stereotypical Moffat female.

    • disqus_AwYoAf87wI

      Oh dear lord! PLEASE do not let Moffat write a female Doctor. The thought only just occurred to me. In all fairness with the right writer a female Doctor could work (but it’ll be one heck of a risk) but you have to admit a common criticism of Moffat is how he writes female characters. Moffat + female Doctor = cancelled TV show.

    • Steve Willis

      She’s not quite a Riversong clone. I think Gomez is such a brilliant actor that Ms.ter will break the Moffat Mould (in fairness, only 75% of his penned female characters come across as Riverclones).

  • notsosmartguy

    Great Review as usual :-) personally I disagree with the Master thing as I love that he’s back. The way I look at it they just chose the right person for the part this time it happens to be a woman. Also your not old fashioned, not everyone will agree with a big change like this at first but I hope you’ll change your mind eventually. I’m glad we can agree on everything else though :-)

  • LGwalchmai95

    Great review John, one of the best reviews of an episode I’ve ever read, and it’s not just because I agree with every word you’ve written! :) The afterlife idea just gets darker the more you think about it. Though I do think that the whole feeling what happens to your body thing is a lie. And I don’t think the kid Danny killed is really there, in the way that Danny is. Seb’s also one to watch, don’t trust him!

    • Sharaz_Jek

      Well, it was revealed that the Afterlife/Netherspere is actually nothing but a Gallifreyan Matrix, so the whole “feel what happens to your body” scenario is possible, but also less disturbing as it isn’t anything natural – rather, it’s the Mistress’ evil