• Mark Harris

    Lots of museums organise sleepovers. Just go to the Natural History Museum website, the British Museum website, the Science museum website . . . well, you get the picture.

    “Dino Snores at the Natural History Museum

    Dino Snores is the monthly sleepover for lucky 8 to 11 year olds at the Natural
    History Museum. The night includes a torch-lit trail in the famous Dinosaurs
    gallery and live animal shows in the evening and morning. But most exciting of
    all you get to sleep in the Central Hall next to the Diplodocus skeleton,
    fondly known as Dippy. Find out more…”

    The internet is your friend, Mr Hussey. [Yes, I realise these children were older than 11, but it’s not inconceivable.]
    By the way, Courtney is fifteen, so she’s presumably in Year 10 or Year 11; these were Year 8 children, as Clara points out.

    • Thanks for the lecture and all but it still sounds as bizarre as when I thought it was just an invention made-up by the writer of the episode.

  • Mark Harris

    Didn’t mean to lecture, but it’s one of those fact-checking errors that could have been fixed in seconds.
    To me, it sounds wonderful, not bizarre at all; I wish they’d had such opportunities when I was a child. Or that I’d thought of organising one when I was a teacher.

    • Sorry for being rude. It was wrong for me to say it was bizarre.