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Doctor Who: 809 “Flatline” Review – Cult Fix
  • doctorforpresident

    Nicely written review. I also accept your opinion on this episode , although for me it was one of the best three episodes this series has had so far. BUT :

    Saying the sonic screwdriver “killed” the boneless is just wrong.
    The doctor merely signaled the tardis to emit this green wavy-stuff with the screwdriver. Thus, the tardis killed them. not the poor sonic. which seems to get bashed whenever it comes into action. Please rewatch the scene , and pay attention to where the waves come from.

    • Ash Kershaw

      Indeed. The Doctor in fact seeds throughout that he has a way of using the TARDIS to restore them to their own dimension but needs to get out to do it, it isn’t simply introduced at the end. The plot solution isn’t the dramatic merit – that’s getting the Doctor out to do it, which had its own ingenious solution. It’s perfect expected that the Doctor would know how to use a dimension shifting machine to defeat them, this makes much more real sense as a plot.

  • notsosmartguy

    Great Review as usual :-) 9.5 from me this was an amazing Claracentric episode.