• Cyruptsaram

    I’m sorry to disagree with you John, but I found this episode to be a little uneasy, to say the least. There were a number of things I had a problem with, especially the resolution involving the golden arrow – it was too unlikely to be realistic. Now I loved parts of the dialogue – Gatiss is a genius in some areas (e.g. “History is a burden. Stories can make us fly.” was particularly clever), but some things were far too cheesy and unoriginal.

    Also, the direction was a bit off the mark, with some very sketchy moments – especially the arrow contest scene. It was quite uneven and sloppy in my opinion. This was perhaps caused by some lazy editing as well. Moments with Robin’s merry men were mundane and simply not enjoyable for me. There should’ve been more depth, but dealing with the Robin Hood story, there wasn’t much time to fit it into a Doctor Who episode of 45 minutes.

    Nevertheless, I found the acting to be top notch, particularly Peter Capaldi and Ben Miller, who was notably inventive with his character. The robots were quite menacing, despite their rather unoriginal appearance, and they provided much threat – their form of weaponry was stunning. Humour was handled very well in the episode, with the dungeon scene providing a wonderful plateau for Capaldi to really run wild. The spaceship was very impressive, and a lovely reference to the Promised Land was all that was needed to tie in the Series 8 arc. The hero parallel between Robin and the Doctor was cleverly correlated, and it gave the story a back bone.

    I love praise for Doctor Who, but I feel Robot of Sherwood didn’t deserve so much. My personal verdict was 7/10!

    Despite my difference of opinion, I thought your review was excellent all the same!

    • Deus Ex Machina

      Yeah, the episode’s resolution was a little off, but Gatiss does seem to have weakness when it comes to writing good resolutions.

      • Gustaff

        Sorry to go off-topic, but I need to know if you’re still planning to review The Worlds of Doctor Who for DWTV.

        • Deus Ex Machina

          Wow, I’m honestly surprised you remembered me saying that. If it’s all the same to you, I’d love to have a go at it, but I’ve not got a lot of experience writing reviews, and I know this story is a big event that probably deserves a quality review. I think I have what it takes, but if you think you’d be better off writing it, I have no issues with that. I’ve read all your Big Finish reviews and they were all great. I’ll be sure to reread a few for pointers.

          I’ve actually already done a bit of research on the release. I emailed Big Finish a couple of months ago and got a response from Justin Richards himself as to where each story fits chronologically, which may help to a degree.


          • Gustaff

            I have a good memory thanks.

            I have no problem with you reviewing this event. I’m reviewing the Philip Hinchcliffe Box Set and Worlds felt like I was taking on a little too much since I also review it on my site so I was hoping you’d still do it. Reviewing everything twice is a lot of hard work.

            If you need any sort of help or advice or whatever, let me know. I am looking forward to reading your review.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    10/10!? So you honestly think is the very best Doctor Who has to offer? An all time classic. As close to perfection as something can get.


    You’ve left no room for later episodes to score higher now. This is the benchmark for all episodes. Frankly that’s a bit insulting. Especially if you’ve watched Listen.

    • Mark M

      It’s not really silly if it is his opinion, which he has justified very well in the body of his excellent review. So what if the rest of the episodes can’t score higher, John obviously felt this one deserved it. Which is perfectly fine given that Doctor Who is so vastly different each week. Using a light-hearted comedy comedy as a benchmark for psychological thriller character piece (which I assume Listen is). John is entitled to his view without being told it is silly.

      What would however be silly would be if someone had seen Listen or even read the script as that would be illegal, not to mention unfair on those who put effort into making it.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    A great review for a great episode. I’d have given it an 8/10, but I see where you’re coming from.

  • TardisBoy

    Fantastic review John, I really enjoyed reading it. I for one loved this episode a lot. I thought it was great fun, with a lot of action packed scenes, but heart too. I think it’s definitely Gatiss’ best episode yet! 9/10