• Mark M

    Great review! Although I disagree about Clara’s reaction being unnatural despite her prior knowledge. The difference as you have said is that she actually experienced it this time. But more than that even when she had that knowledge, her Doctor (the one she valued as a friend or possibly more) was there for her. So her reaction was actually one of grief rather than ignorance or unaccepting. Prior knowledge doesn’t help with loss (knowing a relative doesn’t have long to live doesn’t make it any easier to come to terms with that loss.) That is why I think it is very clever on Moffat’s behalf that Clara doesn’t completely accept twelve until she gets the closure of the phone call.

  • TardisBoy

    A very interesting review, John, thanks for this. It was a very enjoyable read.

    I agree with you that the post-regeneration scenes were hilarious; and for me one of the highlights of the episode. Capaldi really nailed it and delivered some fantastic pieces of comedy.

    I also found the scene where Clara had to hold her breath very effective, as you did. The direction really helped to heighten the tension and for one moment I actually felt like Clara might not make it, and even held my breath along with her.

    I do disagree with you on your thoughts about Clara’s reaction to the regeneration though, and the new Doctor. Yes, she was aware of the concept of regeneration and has met other incarnations of him, but there’s a strong difference between knowing of it and actually experiencing it – which she does here. You also need to take into consideration that she was more attached to 11 than any of the Doctor’s she’d come across before, he was her best friend really – and even knowing of the concept of regeneration won’t stop the pain, the grief, and of course the doubt; it’s a very realistic portrayal. The same one that Rose Tyler had with 10 actually.

    As I said before this is a very well written review John, however I do feel in some cases you tend to just state what happened, rather than review it; as well as stating what was obvious at times too. It’s a shame because there is a lot of potential in this review, you just need to really get in deeper with your analysis, instead of describing everything that happened in the episode, pick a theme (acting, direction, music etc), or a certain scene and run with it, really get into how effective you feel it was, what you liked and didn’t like. Once you have that sorted, I am sure your reviews will be of the highest quality.

    Thanks again, John! I look forward to next weeks review :)

  • Good review, John, but it could have done with some polishing in places. I’m of a mind to agree with @TardisBoy:disqus, in that you seem to spend alot of time just reciting what happened, instead of analysing it. Your sentence structure is also rather scruffy in quite a few places. This line, for example, makes no sense:

    “Appearance can make any normal person look younger or older than what they appear.”

    Two major points I disagree on are, first of all, Clara’s reaction to the Doctor’s regeneration. It’s one thing to know of the process, and to have met previous incarnations, but quite another to experience it firsthand at the expense of the only Doctor she’s ever properly known and been fully acquainted with. Her prior experiences are irrelevant, because only now has she lost her Doctor. And it’s that deep sense of loss that causes her to be so unaccepting of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in the beginning.

    The other point I disagree on is that the Half-Face Man’s characterisation fell flat. I thought it was a fascinating, chilling portrayal of a machine becoming a man. The predominantly robotic nature was all the more creepy with those occasional moments of humanity creeping in — like when he shouted for the final time that he would not negotiate. Previous to that, his responses had seemed almost automated, but to see that sudden burst of anger was quite unsettling.

    But it’s all opinions, at the end of the day. I agree with almost everything else, and definitely your overall rating.

  • Thanks for the advice @TardisBoy:disqus and @Goodyear92:disqus . I will admit after reading both of your comments I feel I still lack in reviewing skills. I feel a little disappointed in myself due to the outcome not being the best it could be. It’s a shame really because I put a lot of effort into making this article good. Starting with Into the Dalek I will take your advice into account and try to deliver further improvement to my writing.

    • TardisBoy

      No problem. There’s no reason to feel disappointed, it was a very good review. It’s just you have so much potential to make it a great review if you really refine your skills. It wasn’t a bad review in the slightest and please don’t go away thinking it was. But there’s always room for improvement in whatever piece of writing you do, not matter who you are – I know there’s a lot of things I still need to work on; but by working on them, that’s what helps us to realise our own potential. Looking forward to your next review immensely, John. Don’t be disheartened at all :)

      • Don’t worry, I’m not disheartened :) Quite the opposite. I’m actually eager to get on with the next one so I can tackle my weaknesses and refine my work. Again thanks for you comments :)

        • TardisBoy

          That’s great to here, it’s always lovely to see you so full of enthusiasm! And again, there’s no problem, I’m always happy to help out a friend. :)

    • Maybe it had its flaws, but it was nevertheless a good read. And at least you’re taking this stuff into account, which is good :-)

  • notsosmartguy

    Great Article John :-) I myself reached the same score of a 9/10, though I like many others felt Clara’s reaction was very realistic. While she new about regeneration, 11 was her doctor and she was emotionally attached to him, there’s also the fact that she had some kind of romantic feelings towards him didn’t help things either. As for the Half- face man I get what you’re saying but he is a robot after all.

  • Friend of the Ood

    In my opinion, disliking Clara for a bit was a great thing, at least you felt something towards her and she stopped being perfect.

  • Gustaff

    I AGREE JOHN! I agree about Clara. She had no problem with War being an old man, despite claiming he looked the youngest. Bad writing there, but the rest of the episode was awesome! Really enjoyed reading this!

  • twoheartsonemind

    The thing about Clara is that she can’t be expected to know everything about regeneration. She’s never actually been present for one before and just because she knew other Doctors doesn’t mean she was close to them, as she was with Eleven. Being confused as to why Twelve was old when Eleven regenerated due to old age is a completely valid feeling.
    Nice review. I agree with everything else you said.

  • An excellent review, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one irked by Clara’s reaction to a new Doctor…