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Doctor Who: 712 “Nightmare in Silver” Review – Cult Fix
  • I’m not entirely pleased with this review, in comparison to others.

    I thought you’d chide Angie and Artie severely but you were surprisingly lenient. Considering you habitually have a go at a lot of characters, this rang false.

    The review was incredibly well constructed and just plain fantastic but I don’t like the change in style.

    • I have a ‘go’ at characters who are obnoxious or downright insufferable, yes, but the children weren’t, to be honest. I’m allowed to change my style, depending on the episode, I’d like to think. And anyway, they aren’t prominent players within the narrative, unlike say Oswin or Mrs Gillyflower (who was cliched).

      Nonetheless, thanks for the feedback Patrick.

      • I just had a feeling that your style had changed, but you are of course allowed to change – there are no rules against it.

        You always give me very constructive criticism so I’m honored to give you some.

  • Fantastic review as always. I agreed with all the points you made.

  • John Smith

    Fine review. In my opinion, one of your best… :)

  • Wow, it would seem this week I am the one being negative towards an episode. Makes an interesting change I suppose. Anyway, well done Adam. Your reviews and opinions are always intriguing to read and as always, your writing improves after each publishing.

    • I thought that too. It’s a refreshing turn-of-the-tables for your ‘2nd Opinion’ series. Well done on your review John – great job.

      • I thought so to. Bit different. Thanks for the compliments btw, much appreciated.

  • I agree with everything. Great article, love your writing!

  • Koshei

    This time you and John switched sides. :)

  • The Oracle™ (SkyFaller)

    Wow, just remembered this site! Forgot!
    Anyway, great review :) I agree with most of it and I’m glad to see this episode gain the appraisal it deserves!

  • The Oracle™ (SkyFaller)

    To all DWTV members! Are the comments closed until Saturday? If so, are there any site you’ve all been talking on?

    • Yep, they are closed until Saturday so that nobody can post spoilers. We’re all over at Esterath’s site – TARDIS Matrix ;)

      • The Oracle™ (SkyFaller)

        Oh right, are all comments under moderation? O.o

  • Fantastic review, Adam. You continue to stun with your amazing diction and this is one of your finest reviews. It makes it quite sad to think that next week will be your last Doctor Who review for a long while…

    This a perfectly enjoyable episode and so I agree with your points. I’m really glad to see that someone else enjoyed it, although I don’t hold it in equally high esteem.

  • Gibby’s World of Wonders

    A brilliant review, Adam!

    Every time I read your reviews I feel like I am reading the analysis of a professional critic. It is quite frankly astounding the way you structure your arguments and go into extreme detail to explain both your own opinions and various factors of the episode (which I knew nothing about).

    Now we come to the bad news… I didn’t like it. I just couldn’t enjoy the episode. Despite some terrific performances from Matt, Jenna and Warwick Davis, I just found most of the characters to be… “unrelated” – as in I just couldn’t relate to them; I couldn’t feel anything for or about them.

    The story wasn’t exactly captivating me either, which I felt uncomfortable about to say it was the work of Neil Gaiman. And as for the Cybermen… I didn’t like the way they were handled and they still don’t feel like proper Cybermen for me. They feel like the Cybusmen 2.0… The voices were awful, the stomping feet were back, and they were too robotic. I did, however, love the fact that each time they were faced with a new threat, they would upgrade to eradicate it.

    In my opinion, though not as bad as all the other Cybermen stories, this episode doesn’t warrant anything above 6/10. But I can see the appeal to others.

    • By the way did you know that we’re all commenting on Esterath’s site? :)

  • A superlative article yet again, Adam! I’m always astounded by your use of the English Language, I learn a new words every week reading your reviews! They are always written to the highest standard!

    However I disagree with your praise for the episode. For me the plot was too convoluted, and most of Gaiman’s ideas (Whilst brilliant) were underdeveloped.

    Moreover, whilst Matt, Jenna and Warwick gave stellar performances, I felt Angie and Artie were dire characters, they gave nothing to the plot whatsoever – and Eve de Leon Allen and Kassius Carey Johnson’s acting left a lot to be desired.

    It feels to me that this episode is prime justification that what this series has been missing the most is two-parters! Gaiman himself has joked that they should release a Director’s cut of the episode as most of his ideas (And some vital explanations) had to be cut out due to time restraints.

    Overall though you have produced a wonderful review yet again Adam, it’s always a pleasure to read your thoughts on an episode. I hope that you enjoy next weeks finale and that Moffat impresses you with his writing! I for one, am looking forward to it immensely! :D

  • twoheartsonemind

    Nice article. I loved this episode, despite what nearly everyone else seemed to think. I admire Neil Gaiman, I admit… okay I really love the man, but that’s not the point. I thought the idea for the story was brilliant and I thought it utilized the potential that the cybermen have. Matt Smith was truly fantastic.

  • Nick Ferrazza

    Great review. This episode, and basically all the episodes of this half a season seem to be dividing fans greatly. Either fans love them or they hate them, with few people in between. Personally I think that this was a great episode. My only issue is that now the Cybermen may be too powerful. If they bring them back again then they’re going to have a lot of trouble trying to write a way for them to be defeated now that they’re almost invincible.

  • farsighted

    I loved this episode. I don’t quite get why some people hated it. It’s very creative and Gaimanish and while it’s not The Doctor’s Wife, why should it be? Well done. My favorite episode this series…

  • Ben Strachan

    Completely agree with this review Adam, great article :)