• Hmm, questionable.

  • It was delightful to read your thoughts on last weeks episode, as ever. Your diction is sagacious and sublime. As ever it is an honor to see your insightful opinion.

    I disagree about your notes on Mrs. Gillyflower; I found Rigg’s performance to be deliciously and deliberately camp. Aside from that, I agree!

    Masterful job!

  • InhumanNightmare

    Thought you would be negative about this episode.

    I bet your next 2 scores will be-
    Nightmare in silver-4/10
    The name of the doctor 2/10

    • The Cyber Hurricane

      Name of the Doctor would have to be pretty atrocious to score a 2/10 (while he more or less trashed Asylum and Snowmen, he still gave them 4/10 each) and a 4/10 for NIS? I believe Adam’s a massive Gaiman fan, 7 at least I think.

      • InhumanNightmare

        In your dreams

        • The Cyber Hurricane

          That doesn’t even make sense.

      • Mr Cuthbert only gave Asylum 4?…and Snowmen?

        • The Cyber Hurricane

          Memory plays tricks. Asylum has no score, but Snowmen I was right about.

  • danitronic

    And I thought I could be negative.

    The Crimson Horror was good definately 9/10

  • Great review, I love your writing skills!
    Although I disagree in some parts, I enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

  • Regarding the penultimate paragraph, I think we can knock two birds in one stone by guessing that The Doctor and Clara cured themselves using Gillyflower’s “artificial means of revival”. To be honest, I thought that came across quite obviously. As for the bell-jars, I assumed they served as protection from the venom once it became airbourne (or fell as rain, whatever the plan was supposed to be).

    Completely agree with the verdict, though.

  • twoheartsonemind

    That was some review. I disagree completely and utterly. (Not that the article was badly written, but some of your points can’t be backed up).

  • John Smith

    I think this episode deserved much more than a 5/10. For me it was definitely an 8 or 9 out of 10…

  • Riversong 2

    a great article and I agree with you

  • Although I don’t agree with your scoring of the episode, I did find I agreed with a lot of the points you made. I think the reason I rated it so highly (8/10) was just for my enjoyment of the episode, which was probably a little biased as the story hailed from my neck of the woods :P

    Nevertheless, a fantastic review, Adam! :D

  • The Crimson Horror was utterly abysmal. Carry On Screaming meets Quatermass with a dose of Hammer Horror – it’s all Gatiss can write – or steal. He is the literary version of Mr Sweet. I can’t see an original – and I mean ORIGINAL – concept he has created in any of his scripts for Dr Who. It’s all very smug. And illogical and badly written. I think 5/10 is generous for this tripe.

  • CyberDoctor

    Bring back the DWTV comment section.

    • Peripherus


    • You know why they can’t you fool. And they’re absolutely right.