• Woah, Adam, this review was.. fantastic, as per usual!

    Each week you deliver articles of such high standard, with valid and insightful opinions – you really have proved yourself as the man for this job.

    I also agree with everything in your review!

  • Finally, someone who hasn’t criticised Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS to the point where it becomes a body without flesh. I agree completely. It’s nice to see someone concentrate on the good points instead of pinpointing the flaws.

  • Peripherus

    It was a great episode, but the Van Baalen Bros story was utterly stupid and hollow.

  • Pdurston

    Great episode and a great review. Adam, I agree completely. Journey was a breath of fresh air and a unforgettable story. Stephen Thompson made an amazing achievement.

    I’m glad there’s someone else that liked the Van Baalen brothers. I thought they brought a sense of charm to the plot, despite being an unlikeable bunch. Mat King’s direction was simply gorgeous, and Michael Pickwoad deserves huge praise for the fantastic set designs of the inner mazes and glorious rooms of the TARDIS.

  • Amazing review, Adam. I love all of your reviews so far, here’s a fan!
    And I agree with everything, btw, I think it was a great episode and a huge improvement from ‘The Curse of the Black Spot’.

  • All I can say is this was a magnificent review! Well done yet again Adam! I agree on every point. Though my rating for this episode was 10/10 :)

  • Fezzes_and_Broomsticks

    8/10 just about right I’d say. Certainly a big improvement on his last addition to Doctor Who. Loved the direction and camera work from Mat King, some of the effects were great, the monsters were excellently realised and their reveal was a great twist as well. Only downsides were the wooden acting of the Van Baalen Brothers, the one who died first being particularly poor, and the cheat ending, come on, the Doctor might as well reset time every time he is stuck in a pickle then. Still, an enjoyable episode but still waiting on a true stunner of the series, The Angels of Manhattan being the only truely brilliant episode so far, would be nice to get another in.

  • A great review, Adam!

    I agree with you on everything but, the score :P

    Personally, I’d give it a 9.5/10 :)

    (I also thought, while they justified the presence, the Van Baalens were not very strong characters… although they had their moments)

  • I cannot believe I hadn’t noticed this before now. I