• I completely agree this time

  • Adam, in the Whoniverse Discussion on Doctor Who TV you expressed pertrurbation at the quality of your reviews.

    Your reviews, every week, are always of the highest calibre. The diction you employ is superlative and highly advanced. Your viewpoint is always sound, even if I don’t always concur. The grades you assign to individual episodes are dissimilar to other reviewers, and you don’t ‘climb on the bandwagon’. I am so happy Cult Fix has you as its Doctor Who reviewer; don’t ever stop.

    A sublime review, I agree on every point.

  • Your reviews just continue to astound me, Adam! Every single one of your reviews are well-written and the level of sophistication in them is unparalleled. I envisage a bright future for you in writing.

    I found this review to be a lot more agreeable than your last. You raise some outstanding points and you did a good job in covering the important aspects of this episode. I found your example of dialogue to be, indeed, very impressive and it definitely would have intensified The Doctor and Palmer’s obvious parallels. I have to be honest though – I felt that it didn’t belong in a review, but that might just be my opinion.

    This is yet another superb review which I can easily agree with. Well done and I look forward to next week’s episode as well as your review!

  • This is great! Your opinions are well backed up and you review the episode in depth and you explain your points. 7/10.

  • ladyoctarina

    I agree. Hide, like Akhaten, feels like a wasted opportunity. My main problem with it is that I feel turning everything into a love story denies all the terror we were looking forward to in this episode. Why couldn’t the monster be just a monster? Why couldn’t that sense of threat be sustained? I think the episode would have been much better if there was no “Juliet”, and “Romeo” was just a creature that inhabits pocket universes and feeds of stranded travelers, or some control mechanism like those pterodactyls in season one.

  • sontaran17

    Adam I love your writing in everything else but so far in this years reviews you’ve been fairly negative all the way through and I naturally side with positive opinions of episode, but your writing is always flawless and a joy to read and you prove your points excellently- has there been an episode you would give full marks to? Out of curiosity?? I myself thought Hide was amazing – 9.5/10 and think that Neil Cross is an exceptional writer for Doctor Who

  • Fezzes_and_Broomsticks

    Think this review is the best I have seen for Hide, two things sum Hide. Lacking cohesion and littered with holes, failing to build on the potential it had. Not convinced by Neil Cross as a writer for Who, Akhaten was a horror show, this one though much better still leaves to be desired.

  • Dalekium

    Wonderfully written article yet again.

    I was curious about your points regarding including extra speech to comment on the parallels between the Doctor and Palmer, and Clara’s ‘ghost’ moment in the TARDIS. I think the lack of these explicit connections ties in with Emma’s “sliver of ice in his heart” comment, as it appears emblematic of what seems to be Series 7Bs fairly hidden motif of secrets/secrecy. The Doctor has become far more secretive, and by not making grand admissions to Clara or Alec about his involvement in war, it serves to emphasise just how close the Doctor is keeping his cards to his chest.

    • Stargazer0118

      Agreed, that’s how I took it as well, that’s why it didn’t bother me. I could see in the Doctor’s face that what Palmer was talking about (the war and the victims) was really getting to him, but he just decided to say nothing. However, I could still see the sadness in his eyes. I just hope we get a pay off out of these little developments in this season.

  • Excellent article in terms of the exploration of this episode’s intricacies.