• AmyPondIsAwesome

    Even though I strongly disagree, this is your best review yet. You’re much better at writing positive than negative.

  • Great Review!

    I really enjoyed this episode. The speech was really powerful but ‘Take it all baby’ part slightly ruined it. Clara had a much better role in this, then last weeks episode. I liked how human the reason why Mary was hiding. The male song was awful.
    I want Clara to become a full time companion rather than her going home every time.
    Overall my rating would be a 7 or 8/10.

  • Adam your greatest writing strength is almost certainly when dealing with the more thematic side of Who, and I’m so pleased you rose to that so well in this review here. I did feel your previous review of The Bells did get overly caught up in the trivial issues of the episode, and a little too much emphasis on the overall half-series arc at such an early stage of the season. But here, when you’re dealing with what scenes, plot points and moments in the epsiode meet more spiritually than literally you really come into your own, and it is a delight to see the flow of your highly articulate thoughts come together. Good work indeed, you have yourself a fully satisfied reader, who enjoyed the episode as much as you did and is very pleased to see such a well constructed viewpoint

    • Thank you very much; that means a lot. I’m admittedly displeased with The Bells of Saint John review, but Steven Moffat doesn’t give me much to work with these days; thankfully, Neil Cross provided a refreshing and exciting episode. Again, thank you.

  • Harry Jewell

    What a fantastic review. You put in some great points that i hadn’t previously thought about. Well Done.
    I wonder what Neil Cross’s next episode, Hide will be like?

  • You have really outdone yourself with this stupendous review, which is as intelligent as it is enjoyable. The way you interpret this episode is remarkable; you have the ability to go deeper into the episodes layers and that adds something very unique to your reviews. Your vocabulary seems to know no bounds either. It’s astounding! There is nothing I can disagree with (apart from your theory because, as most people, I have my own theory worked out) and I’m pleased to see you enjoyed this supreme episode. Your rating for it is actually higher than mine, but that’s because I felt that the Vigil were extremely underdeveloped and that it dragged at certain places.

    I do hope the upcoming episodes continue to impress you because, as others have pointed out, your best reviews are inevitably the ones where you’re enthusiastic about the episode. This was a superb review and it made for a pleasurable read!

  • The Watchful Guardian

    Well done Adam. A nice read.

  • Peripherus

    Completely agree.

  • TardisBoy

    This is by far the best review you have done Adam. I agree with every single world. I loved this episode just as much as you did, and it was a brilliant start for Cross IMO. Your writing continues to astound and awe me. Well done my friend. This is a brilliant review.

  • Fantastic review as always! I always enjoy reading your reviews, but your I love reading the reviews where you’re positive about the episode- makes it even more interesting to read! Keep up the great work!! :)

  • Stargazer0118

    Great review. I too truly enjoyed this episode despite its faults. I just found myself really entertained and engaged in the story, and that’s what really matters to me. It was a more emotional and personal story and it worked well because I got more appreciation of both Clara and Matt Smith as the Doctor. Adam, Did you like Smith’s performance in this ep? Did you like how he delivered his speeches? I liked what he did, a lot. This is the first time he felt like he was a great Doctor to me. He finally impressed me. I think I’m gonna be sad when he ends his run as the Doctor. Never expected that. Sigh.

  • Ahh, I love your reviews, your writing skills… you seem like a very intelligent person. I’m very pleased with ‘The Rings of Akhaten’ too, it’s a blow of fresh air after three consecutive Moffat episodes.

  • lozpot

    I’m bewildered how this episode got 9/10.

    • lozpot

      Shouldn’t 9/10 be reserved for classics – Human Nature, Blink, Left Turn…? I personally didn’t like the episode, but even if I was being generous I couldn’t see it getting more than 6/10.

      • The Salmon Bagel of Rassilon

        All of those deserve 10/10.

  • twoheartsonemind

    Great article. Agree completely.