• Stevie

    I loved Despicable Me and I’m going to watch the sequel tomorrow. From what I’ve heard, the only major problem is the fact that the children are under-used and by the sounds of it, this film is one of those rare ones which actually could’ve done with being longer than it actually is.

    Unlike the reviewer, I didn’t find Vector to be unforgettable. Personally, I thought he was a great villain.. or great at being a bad villain villain.

    What we have to remember is it’s a kids film. It’s not going to be a masterpiece with character development and a story that rivals the likes of Inception or The Dark Knight. It’s a light-hearted movie which is centred around being fun and making people laugh.

    I think the review looks too deep into this.

    Yes, I understand that characters from the previous film might be somewhat left out in this new addition to the “franchise” (I think it’ll become one) but I wouldn’t see that as such a bad thing unless they’re totally forgotten about, and it sounds as though they haven’t been.

    Now, Patrick states that he didn’t really like the first movie until he started watching it again and then it seems to have grown on him. Hence, I’d take it that this review is based upon his first watch of the film?

    Well, I’ll wait and see what he thinks after “multiple re-watches” again then :-)

  • Nick Ferrazza

    Didn’t care for the original, not in any rush to see this one.

    • Time Vortex

      You should watch, i don’t watch many movies of this type but this one is just amazing. I’m waiting for a good quality to see the 2nd :b

  • An excellent and sharp review, Pat. It’s very acute and stands on a professional level, so good work.

    I actually haven’t even seen the first Despicable Me yet, despite my brother’s insistence. They both seem to be hilarious though so I may give the first one a watch soon.