• Gustaff

    I saw this on Friday and I agree. There was nothing I disliked about this movie. One thing that I wasn’t expecting was the flashback scenes, but they quickly grew on me. I can’t fault this movie. Like you say, it’s not the best movie EVER, but everything it sets out to do, it does exceptionally. That’s why it deserves a 10/10. It had a specific route in mind and it nailed.

    It’s the first film in years which made me want to go see it again the next day. Not even the Avengers did that for me and I consider it one of the best action films of my life.

    • Gustaff

      Plus I really loved the romance between Wade and Vannessa. It really broke my heart as I felt for both so much and I could see each of their POVs and couldn’t decide which one was being the stronger one.

      Plus, I dug that ending!

  • ShalkaDoctor

    Great review. I’m glad this turned out good. It so easily could have gone the other way.

  • I regrettably forgot to mention the great chemistry between Deadpool and Vannessa. It wasn’t a conventional love story but at the same time you could see their love for one another, which gave the film that extra layer. But I suppose it goes to show that there’s so much to talk about with this film.