• Steve Willis

    Watching the Red Band, then watching the default is funny. You see what they edited out. I find that amusing, then again my sense of humor is bad.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    I want to have this trailer’s babies. Then I want to raise the half-human/half-trailer babies into fully fledged “Deadpool” sequels and encourage to have awesome yet sickening Deadpool trequels incest babies (is there any other way, and besides, they’ll still be better than most trequels out there). Then I’m going to bootleg them all and sell them to foreigners for loads of money, then use the money to buy the rights of “Fantastic Four” off of Fox and sell them back to Marvel. And while I’m at the Fox officers, simply because I can, I’ll go full on Deadpool pyscho ass-kicking style onto whichever of those fat heads cancelled “Firefly”. I hope he’s wearing his brown pants. And his red scarf.

    Usually my comments aren’t… whatever this is, but I was in a Deadpoolish mood.