• K.9

    dont forget DC has TV shows aswell as films – Arrow, soon The Flash, whilst we have Agents of Shield, while i like it and watch it, it cannot compare to Arrow

    • EmpathDigital

      I purposely left out Arrow and The Flash because at the moment there’s been no indication that they will tie into the DCCU (and I’m highly doubtful that they will), which actually follows the general pattern of DC not really creating anything cohesive and allowing their titles to splinter off into disparate entities. Agents of SHIELD (while I agree with you that it’s not as good as Arrow, beat for beat the latter has the former beaten, but I may have another article in the works to go further into that) on the other hand is entirely tied into the MCU which again supports the points made in this article.

      • K.9

        yeah but i do believe there is a chance Stephen Amell maybe involved with Justice League (after his recent Q&A about JL, he wouldnt answer anything JL related) and if this turns out to be the case, then it’d have to be Grant Gustin’s Flash too. They are too big now, especially Amell, he is The Arrow, to cast someone else would be pathetic IMO as people know Amell as The Arrow, especially if its still airing at the time and by that point it’d be the same for the flash

  • Earthborn

    From my understanding Marvel have tried to keep every film connected to each other in one way or another but I didn’t think that DC films wernt trying to connect to each other outside their respected trilogies. From how I see it the Superman/batman film is a stand alon title. I might be completely wrong so please correct me if I am

    • EmpathDigital

      Do you mean in relation to The Dark Knight trilogy? If so then the Superman/Batman film is a standalone Batman film which sets up an entirely new continuity for the character, but in relation to Man of Steel and the upcoming Justice League movie it’s absolutely connected to the other potential titles in the DCCU

  • The Eternal

    Sorry, bit off topic – But are we counting the Spider-Man films as it’s own cinematic universe? especially with the Sinister 6 film.

    • Earthborn

      I would think so as a venom spin off film is planned

  • notsosmartguy

    First of all I didn’t like man of steel at all and am not a big fan of the direction If DC really wants to win the comics movie war and redeem themselves in the eyes of the fans they’ve scorned they should make wonder woman. And no her appearance in the over crowded bat man vs superman movie doesn’t count. Also they should tie in the arrow and flash universe that way they’d at least have a flash setup for the justice league movie.

  • Gustaff

    They should just add Grant’s Flash and Amell’s Arrow to the Justice League roster. We’ll be very used to them and would serve as a nice link. That way:

    Superman : Movie
    Batman : Movie
    Arrow : TV Series
    Wonder Woman : Movie
    Cyborg : Movie
    Flash : TV Series

    That saves two movies right?

    • I think Cyborg could have a one-shot, similar to the short films Marvel does, but there are no really good stories about Cyborg that could be told in a feature-length film.

      • Gustaff

        Who am I kidding? DC will probably cast their own green Arrow and Flash and just cram them in the movie as well. It’s going to be a mess. That’s why I think they should just stick to giving CW the rights to do more DC TV Shows. Leave the movies to Marvel and focus on TV. It lasts longer. Arrow is going into it’s third 22episode season.

        There are so many possibilities:
        Doctor Fate/Zatanna
        Booster Gold
        Martian Manhunter
        Teen Titans (I’m stretching it a bit with this one)
        A series solely about the Suicide Squad would’ve been cool, but Arrow already set them up as part of it’s guest appearances in the future.

        • I’d love a Dr Fate film, possibly featuring Zatanna and Raven (they’re sometimes considered a trinity of magic). It would really help explore the magic side of the DC Universe, in live-action of course.


    I can’t really speak for TV or comics (although I am loving Agents of Shield), but where the films are concerned, Marvel wins hands down. All of the recent DC movies have been awful in my opinion, with The Dark Knight trilogy being the only exception. Batman vs Superman looks like a recipe for disaster, and proves that WB have absolutely no idea what made the MCU work so well. Just cramming as many other superheroes as possible into what is supposed to be the Man of Steel squeal is so unbelievably lazy, and misses the point of the whole ‘interconnected universe’ thing. What DC is doing isn’t an interconnected universe so much as it’s just a series of movies with all of these characters in – there is a difference.

    Not to mention the fact that DC are still reluctant to make a Wonder Woman solo movie, whereas Marvel are making a film with a talking raccoon and a walking tree with a three word vocabulary, set in space, with a bald blue Karen Gillan and god knows what else. Marvel are definitely more fun.

    • notsosmartguy

      You wanna the messed up thing? They had the opportunity to make a wonder woman movie but they mocked the person who wanted to do it saying he would never do anything in the industry. Who was this man brave enough to take on filming the beloved spirit of truth? Joss freaking Wheden a man not just behind one of the greatest female protagonists ever but also the guy who went on to helm the greatest superhero movie of all time.

  • I think DC’s real problem right now is that it’s obsessed with Batman, and thinks they can only do good stuff with Batman. I’m not just speaking for DC’s films, but for their comics as well. At the moment Batman is involved in 16 comics. 16! Now, obviously, I’m a Batman fan. But right now DC needs to make films based on other characters. The Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League Dark and Shazam are all worthy of a film.

    If I was put in charge of DC right now, I would have a proto-Justice League form in Arrow and/or the Flash, and then have the heavy hitters (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.) join in the Justice League film. But that’s just me. Rambling now. I’m going to stop.

    • EmpathDigital

      I agree – the success of the Dark Knight trilogy made it very clear which character was DC’s number one priority, and for the first time in a very long time it wasn’t Superman. However, this prioritisation of Batman made a lot of other characters fall by the wayside, hence the reason we’re getting a new cinematic Batman not 3 years after the last one, but we’ve never had a Wonder Woman movie.

      What I don’t necessarily agree on is the desire to set something like this up in Arrow/The Flash, mostly because I’d be concerned that a decision like that would ruin those shows. I’m a big Arrow fan and I think they’ve been doing really interesting things with the characters in that universe, and you run the risk of having those interesting characters doing interesting things getting overshadowed by the heavy hitters. I wasn’t even that keen on the idea of getting a Flash spin-off for the same reasons (but I liked the recent trailer and I’m sure as hell going to be watching that show as well come September!), because I like having a universe where Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen is the centre and we can just focus on what he’s doing rather than worrying about the godlike aliens running around a few cities away.

      And you thought you were rambling!

      • I’ve been thinking about it, and I agree that it might not be a good idea to connect Arrow and Flash with the films, mainly for the same reasons that you listed.

        Although it may not be much, Batman does exist in the Arrow/Flash universe since that Harley Quinn cameo in “Suicide Squad”. Fans can just say that the Batman is literally considered a largely unheard of legend outside of Gotham.