• Joel Mole

    we know what superman looks like. We have seen man of steel you know

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Yeah yeah, where’s our pics of Batman and Wonder Woman? There the one’s we really want to see.

    I really need to watch the first film. I can’t believe I haven’t yet being the huge comic book nerd I am.

    • notsosmartguy

      I was really disappointed as a superman fan but maybe you’ll like it more than I do.

    • Sharaz_Jek

      There already was a Batman pic – what is missing is Wonder Woman – I am curious how much of her will actually be in the movie, since the line-up seems rather crowded. Marvel’s Avengers had all the characters already established, but this is bringing in so many characters to the franchise for the first time (and that includes Batman, as this is completely separate from the Nolan-trilogy), that I fear it won’t be able to properly present them

      • Deus Ex Machina

        I know there’s a Batman pic, but it wasn’t a great one. It was a black and white one that really didn’t show off the new batsuit that well. I want a full poster like this.

        • The Batman one was just as revealing as this, if not more so as it revealed the Batmobile just as well. The only difference is that it was in black and white.

  • notsosmartguy

    Subtle change but I’m more interested in wonder woman pics. hopefully she’ll get her own movie one day instead of shoehorning her into this movie.

    • someguy

      They did confirm a Wonder Woman film as well as the line up till 2019 recently iirc