• ShalkaDoctor

    You know I completely don’t care about The Defenders. Sure a team-up will be fun at first but I think it should be a one off movie length special instead. Just give me Daredevil Season 3 sooner rather than later seeing as so many things were left open.

    • I couldn’t agree more – it’s exciting in theory, but crossovers always seem best in one or two episode stories; I’m not sure a 6-8 hour full TV show really supports a concept that gimmicky without getting stale, fast.

      It’s especially frustrating because it’s getting in the way of stuff – without it, Jessica Jones would be back this year and season 3 would be nailed on for March 2017. I think it’s an idea that looked great when they were making a deal because it emulates the movie model, but unlike the movies, they had to really flesh out the supporting character and mythology of the individual shows in the set-up seasons, and as a consequence, everyone’s invested in those as shows in their own right rather than as extended backdoor pilots for Defenders.

      I hope that the Punisher spin-off, if it does get greenlit, operates completely outside of the contract stuff that’s delaying JJ and Daredevil, because that’d tide things over nicely if we’ve got an extended wait for season 3.