• Edward Delingford

    After someone recommended the first series of Daredevil, I dipped my toe into the Marvel Netflix world and so glad I did. I thought it may be too self-knowing and ‘camp’ but the serious tone and intent of Daredevil soon removed any doubts. In some ways, I think the second series of Daredevil might even top the first. Just looking at the first half of the second series though, what shines through are the brilliant casting choices, something which undermined the much inferior Jessica Jones (although it wasn’t just the casting of key roles, but the uneven pacing, overstretched plotlines, limp dialogue and inconsistent tone – in parts high camp with a hammy David Tennant chewing the scenery even more than he ever dared in Who, in others serious and intriguing drama with Mike Colter and Carrie-Ann Moss giving the only decent and on-point performances across the cast, although Krysten Ritter did the best with the poor material. It does feel as though the show was rushed to air and clearly wasn’t properly edited as it has a half-finished feel to the whole thing).

    Jon Bernthal may very well steal the mantle of best Marvel Netflix performance from Vincent D’Onofrio, with his intriguing and multi-dimensional portrayal of Punisher. Elsewhere the same exciting choreography, brilliant cinematography and committed performances from the A-grade cast allow the second series to match the first. A real treat and a show which converted a sceptic. I doubt I’ll want a second helping of Jessica Jones, although Luke Cage may be worth a watch and I’d certainly welcome a series focusing on the Punisher. It’s a long wait for the next series of Doctor Who, but like the first outing of Daredevil which whetted the appetite for this second one, if series 10 of Who even partly matches the peerless series 9, the wait will be worthwhile.