• Koshei

    Leonardo vs. Dracula? Oh…

    • My sentiments exactly. It would have been perfectly acceptable had they stayed true to the actual Dracula, (Vlad the Impaler as he is know as) but they give him unnecessary and exaggerated supernatural abilities.

      Besides that; what did you think of the review.

      • Koshei

        The reviews are nicely written and sometimes I found myself thinking that the author could pick up much more serious drama series for reviewing in future, so his potential could be fully used. This show is a bit too simple for him.

        • You do know that I’m Tyler, right? ;) Thank you anyways. It means a lot to hear that you like my reviews.

          I anticipated this series to be acute and thoughtful, but I was mistaken. I’ll definitely attempt to review more mature series in the future.

          • Koshei

            Oh, so you wrote these reviews! For me it is very hard to guess the writer in comments, because we all have nicknames. I liked your reviews, so I do hope to read them in future as well. Any ideas what would you like to write about? (And as I see you are Whovian too?)

          • I haven’t made any plans to review another series yet, but I’ve got a few movie reviews lined up for this summer.

            Yes, I am most definitely a Whovian!