• Thank you very much, Pat! Your praise is much obliged. I do disagree with you though, because there are many other fantastic writers on here, including yourself, who are far better writers than me. But I’m digressing now… I am just genuinely thrilled to hear that you have been enjoying my reviews.

    I haven’t made any further plans to review another series, but I’ve been greenlit to write one of Kick-Ass 2 this Summer. There’s nothing else apart from that and, obviously, our retrospective. I’m truly enjoying writing these reviews though so I’m definitely keen on doing more in the future.

    • You are the one who is very much wrong. You are a superb writer, and don’t go ahead and deny it. I don’t think much of my own writing, I am just pleased others like it. You have a real personality and a real talent so yes, you will become my favorite writer on Cult Fix.

      I reviewing a TV show that premieres tonight, I’m very excited and possibly a movie later this month. I’m going to America so I’ll be able to do spoiler-free/advance reviews of movies out there but not in the UK. Kick-Ass was a great movie so I’ll be sure to see the sequel and your insightful review!