• Thank you for posting this.

    I hope everybody enjoys reading my opinion on this week’s episode and feedback would definitely be appreciated!

  • Koshei

    Very well written review! I still not decided about this show. Already from the photos it is obvious that actor doesn’t look like historical Leonardo and element of accuracy is not of a value in this production. Pity that they didn’t change the name of the protagonist.

  • Although I have no interest in the content of the review (viz. the ongoing plotlines of Da Vanci’s Demons) I enjoy reading them so as to get a flavor of your writing, Tyler. You have impeccable locution, a distinctive writing manner, and a good topic. The show seems ideal for you to write about as it isn’t particularly complex (as is the case with Doctor Who) but not too simple.

    Fantastic review, Tyler!

    I look to the future.

  • Brilliant review again, Tyler. Both of your reviews have read so fluidly and so neatly, I’m at the end wondering how the time reading them went so fast. Keep it up.

    On the matter of Da Vinci’s involvement in Florentine politics, I think that’s the show fictionalising things again. Leonardo was employed as one of Medici’s many painters, and nothing more, as far as I’m aware. His ‘war machine’ schematics seem to have been given the same treatment in Da Vinci’s Demons as they were in the Assassin’s Creed series (I love those games). I’ve nothing against doing that, but it does mean sculpting events around such things and in those circumstances, Da Vinci’s creations would inevitably be coveted by those in power, as would his services. As far as his engineering designs go, it was only the simpler devices that were ever actually used, as little else was feasible during his time.

    • Thank you for the praise and also the clarification. Your comment has really enlightened me and I now realise how passionate you actually are about Da Vinci’s history.

      It has also become evident to me that the writers haven’t been truthful about how much of the show is authentic. Their statements have usually indicated that only a small percentage is fictional, but that’s obviously not the case. You say that Leonardo was merely a painter for the Medici’s, but in the show he is shown to be one of their most trusted allies. There’s certainly a big difference there!