• It saddens me that Doctor Who won’t be on this list, for obvious reasons! XD

    I haven’t watched very much television this year- of this list so far, the only thing I actually have watched is Stranger Things (which was indeed fantastic so I support its inclusion).

    People name their kids ‘Eleven’.

    sounds a bit odd, but I do agree with everything else you say- it was a good sci-fi yarn, which dealt with some interesting themes and was acted magnificently onscreen- I don’t know where they found those child actors, but wherever it was, could EVERY TV SHOW EVER please go there? :P

    I didn’t initially realise it was such a big thing- I watched it because Netflix had it in my vaourite category: “Because you watched Doctor Who”. (There are some gems in there!)

    I will admit that I’m probably a bit rubbish at enjoying cult TV, unless it’s British, which is probably why I don’t know any of these other high-profile American TV dramas, while I was in fact watching Class, avidly, and am awaiting the return of Death in Paradise, but I may check some of these out. I’ll be interested to see what your top five picks are!