• Excuse me at the beginning of episode 11 WHY DID HELIOS HAVE A TATTOO i mean what do the producers actually think, do they think we are simple people, if i saw him with a tattoo in those times i would have had him executed for sourcery-like markings on his arm! BTW do i see Gwen or Morgana behind Merlin at 0:11

    • Anonymous

      That could be his mother behind him

    • I agree w/ kathykat11, looks like his mom Hunith! 

    • Warlords normally do have tattoos. Even in those times. I remember that from other shows centered during that time. They are also rebels anyway so they do not care about the laws. 
      It looks a little bit like Gwen behind Merlin at 0:11. I can’t see it clearly.

  • Dammit that looks epic. Can’t wait.

  • Nora Gulley

    GAH! It looks so good, can’t wait to see it.

  • Pdurston

    Agrivaine and Morgana definitely needs to well basically die…….

    That’s all I’ll say lol.

    Other than that, bring on next Saturday, and the following one after that!

    • i say kill agravaine!
      then leave morgana XD

      • TARDIS

        I AGREE!!! Agravaine just annoys me, he seems really shallow.

    • TARDIS

      Let’s Kill Agravaine

      (DW reference… On Merlin…)

  • Wonder who’s behind Merlin, i think it might be his mother. This next episode looks epic, can’t wait, i’m just annoyed i have to wait a week after it to see the next one!

  • Anonymous

    im pretty sure its hunith ( merlins mother) behind him in the promo, mabye that is where they all go to, to get away from Morgana?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this is going to be anything like the finale of season 3?  I hope though that Merlin will finally get some proper recognition from Arthur, when he finds out about Agravaine.

  • It’s like merlin plus epic 

  • Anonymous

    hope the teasers come tonight!