• Deus Ex Machina

    Civil War was the first proper comic book story I ever read, and it’s always been at the top of my list of stories I want to see adapted onto the big screen. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited to see this, and it more than delivered. I personally think it’s the best Marvel film to date, although it’s hard to really compare them since they’re all so different.

    I for one really liked the conclusion, probably because I was expecting the complete opposite to what you seemed to expect. I was expecting (as often happens in film adaption) that they’d change it so that everyone would be all happy and buddy-buddy again by the end of the film. They’d have set aside their differences and decided to work together, reforming the Avengers and returning back to avenging as normal. The fact that this didn’t happen and that the film still ended with a huge rift through the middle of the superhero community was great. The film didn’t finish all wrapped up in a neat bow. It’s clearly going to have long running ramifications throughout the entirety of phase 3, and that’s brilliant.

    I was a bit miffed about Zemo, because he’s one of my favourite comic book villains and the guy we got in the film wasn’t that character at all. He was Zemo in name and name alone. I’ll forgive them though because he was still a fantastic villain. The Avengers have beaten alien armies and super-intelligent immortal androids, and yet it’s a perfectly normal guy with no powers whatsoever that manages to finally defeat them.


  • The Fabulous Administrator

    For the lack of consequence part, the Russos have confirmed the Accords will have a huge impact on the remaining films in Phase 3. We’ll likely see more direct consequences in Infinity War Part 1; which I imagine will see Thor and Hulk trying to reassemble the Avengers along with new recruits before Thanos arrives on Earth (since Thanos is rumoured to be in Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok has been confirmed to lead directly into it). I can imagine Tony trying to amend the accords in the film to allow the other Avengers to fight with government support.