• The Administrator is Hannibal

    I’ll give it a watch, but my hopes aren’t high. Any TV shows I’m watching now are just biding the time until Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Atlantis start next week.

    • PK-Blof

      I’m looking forward to Atlantis. My spoiler-free review of it should be up sometime next week.

  • Thoughts on a comparison with Hustle? My impression is that it’s trying to fill that TV market that Hustle had nailed of simple, uncomplicated characters and cliches traipsing around with vaguely complex plots. Although having said that, I was a fan of Hustle because it was nicely uncomplicated in structure. Hustle also got a good following despite some lacklustre series towards the end, so my impression is that this is more Hustle Mark II more than anything else. May still give it a browse though

  • MartyHopkirk

    This is more a combination of Hustle and Spooks. It has a feel of unused scripts from both shows, still enjoyable but not one that will stay in the memory like both those shows.