• Wow, what a brilliant idea! Well done Patrick, well done CultFix.

    I went for Paul, just because he’s slowly becoming more significant and, being a priest is typically assumed innocent. But it could be Alec Hardy – he’s a second choice; mysterious, two-faced, remorseful…

    • PK-S.

      I have a bizarre idea that its Liz.. no idea why, it just seems to fit.

  • I really have no idea. I had a wild theory before, but I shan’t tell you about that, because it’s madness (And it didn’t really make much sense O.o)

    I find it a bit of a coincidence that Alec Hardy arrived at around the same time as the murder. I don’t think he’d be the killer, because he has hardly any reason for it. However, I think we need to find out more about the “Sandbrook murders”. So far we only know that it involved a “she” and a pendant. It could somehow be attached to this murder

    One of the things I was wondering is whether this ‘psychic’ is actually working with the killer, in an attempt to hide the actual culprit. It would be quite easy for someone to retrieve information about the ‘pendant stuff’, seen as there is a journalist who worked on Alec Hardy’s last case trotting around the town. The psychic, or even the killer, could pretend to be concerned about the Latimer family, befriend the journalist, and ask her for the gory details about his last case. As said in Sherlock, a lie is made more believable when wrapped up in the truth. The killer might have known that there was blood on the boat, after maybe seeing Danny have that accident, so they used that to try and frame Mark Latimer. The killer might have also tried to avert detection by telling the ‘psychic’ to tell Beth that the killer was close to them, and to stop looking for the killer.

    On the subject of this dog walker, I don’t think that she is involved. She walks her dog everyday. If she was to come across a cool skateboard on one of her ‘walks’, then I think she’d probably pick it up and take it home, maybe in an attempt to sell it. Even if she did know it was Danny’s, she probably wouldn’t give it to the police, because she hasn’t come across as a ‘cooperative’ person, and probably has her eyes set on selling it to make a bit of money. However, I don’t think she’d have the phone though. Chances are that the killer wouldn’t want the police to have any chance of getting the phone, so they might have burnt the phone in that boat we saw burning at the end of episode 3

    So, at the end of that long comment, I have a conclusion. I have absolutely no idea who could have killed him. So for now, I’m going to vote for Paul Coates, because he would be the ‘unexpected’ in this case, and I’ve learnt, in many cases, to expect the unexpected

  • Ooooooh god. I love crime dramas, but usually when so much evidence is building up in the early stages of a program it’s likely to be a red herring. So I don’t think it’s mark. I think it’s Alec.

  • doctoract

    I voted for the sister even though she wasn’t on there… She seems a tad guilty and the dad could be covering up.

  • I voted, Reverend Paul Coates. Will Mellor’s character (can’t remember his name) said it was someone close to Beth, and Paul’s seemed like the only person she’s been willing to turn to. Even her own mother gets the cold shoulder. But there are so many elements at work that it could literally be anyone. Chris has created a masterpiece with, Broadchurch. I hope he can keep us guessing like this until the final episode rolls around.

  • I had a theory that:

    Danny had killed somebody (he was shown as slightly violent) and turned to his friend Tom for help. Tom refused (and later deletes all evidence of their conversations in fear he’d become a lead suspect) and so Danny now turns to his father for help. This made sense (at the time) as there was a scene where his father Mark entered his room and comforted the soaking, crying Danny. It could of also explained why Mark Latimer’s bloody fingerprints were at the house. That’s where Danny could have committed the murder or either of them could have moved the body to. Danny then, corrupted with guilt and fear, decides to jump off the cliff, killing himself.
    All this would explain many ‘mysteries’ such as Mark’s disappearance and late night sightings for instance. But my theory was put to rest afterwards, so I guess all of the above is out of the question. I also had another theory but I doubt this one. In short, Danny’s sister revealed she was keeping drugs. I thought maybe Danny had come across them and perhaps taken them and all of his later actions (resulting in death) were because he wasn’t in the right state to know what he was doing.
    I’m really enjoying the show so far. I just hope it’s a rewarding conclusion and not something silly like… he fell of the cliff unintentionally or something and resulting in it looking like a murder.

    • The ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐ Hurricane

      You’d find it quite hard to end up strangled in the process of falling off a cliff, if that helps your fears.

      • Was he strangled too? I must have missed that :S

        • The ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐ Hurricane

          IIRC yes.