• UnknownNightmare

    Can’t america get their own, fresh ideas for once? Without stealing/ remaking a UK show?

    • atredes

      Hell I’m American and there hasn’t been an original Idea here for years, Everything that comes out of Hollywood and the TV networks is total garbage. After all a Populace that would elect Muslim Hussein Obama to head the government not once but twice has less brains than a moron!

      • Peripherus

        At least they didn’t elect Mitt Romney. Obama may be bad, but Mitt would have been far worse.

    • CommonPatrickTroughton


  • This is just disgusting. There should be a law suite. It’s shameful, actually. I never thought such a remarkable nation could stoop so low. I’m… embarrassed.

    • I don’t think the UK creators can sue when the head writer for the show is executive-producing the American adaption.

    • Friend of the Ood

      Law suit? I’m pretty sure the Brits wanted this. Chibnall is producing it.

  • Stevie

    So they’re broadcasting it already on BBC America? Why would Fox remake it? So basically, are they just going to butcher it like they do with everything they make?
    I don’t understand. Why?
    Why does American television always steal or ruin fantastic British television show?
    This is really confusing.
    Broadchurch was remarkable… why the F is Fox remaking it? Why can’t they just leave the British version how it was?
    This is so irritating.

  • Who Fan No.565

    No, just no.

  • TheThirdDevil

    Go away Fox. We don’t want you near our TV shows anymore

  • Koshei

    That’s sad: all freshness and originality will be gone, but there will be a lot of common hunt for cheap popularity, so these attempts may ruin the whole thing. It happened with Sherlock, then we had spin-off of Primeval and now that.

    • TheSherlockDevil

      I don’t think it killed Sherlock? :-P It’s still going as good as ever :-D It’s just that heat for it has died down, since there are huge gaps in between each series XD

  • The Oncoming Aragorn

    Oh no…

  • I reckon what we should start doing is remaking American television series and see how they like it! That’s right, they’ll hate it because they know our version will be better! Why can’t they just leave our shows alone and get on with their own lives instead of stealing our unique ideas. Really does annoy me big time.

    • TheSherlockDevil

      I can’t even think of a good American TV show that we could copy, that isn’t even slightly influenced by another TV show in another country (Looking at you, Elementary) O.o

      Next thing you know, they’ll be remaking Merlin and Luther >:-(

      • The Oncoming Aragorn

        Breaking Bad?

        • TheSherlockDevil

          I’ve never been too fond of that programme. Watched the ‘Pilot’, and it didn’t hook me in the way other shows do. It bored me a bit, in fact

          Does it get better after that?

          • The Oncoming Aragorn

            Not actually seen it myself, most people I know rave about it though.

          • TheRoastNewt


          • ThePowerofTwelve

            Ah, good. I might watch more of it some day then :-P

      • Buffy and Firefly.


        They are remaking Luther :( …. kind of.

  • Timhogan

    No… no no… no please… no god… First Sherlock now this? I hate Fox with a passion. They cancel any original show they have that is good, and then steal shows from other networks. This is very sad news and I hope something goes wrong and this never gets made.

    • Peripherus

      Don’t forget they also did it to Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Primeval.

  • pearls994ever

    I just found out that Fox was the network that ruined Doctor Who in 1996! They made it cheesy and unwatchable! I’m American but I can’t stand American remakes of anything, much less brilliance like Broadchurch. American television producers just do not understand the power of subtle yet explosive drama.