• Edoe

    Great review, PK-S.

    Broadchurch has been an interesting one this series – it seemed to start of spectacularly and sort of fizzle out, then pick up the pace again and just not stop. It’s got pacing as clunky as a freight train that’s travelling over a rather weak bridge.

    You’re exactly right about the different elements that compromise this series, but they’re just not consolidated well, and a lot of the time it feels a tad like it’s been cut out by a 5 year old with those Early Learning Centre scissors – it’s awfully rough around the edges. And again, you are exactly right about the standout elements – The wonderful Charlotte Rampling, Alec and Ellie, Sandbrook and I also think Beth and Mark.

    In fact, the wonderful Charlotte Rampling, good god isn’t she brilliant? Her speech in episode 7 was just perfect, and Jocelyn has put up a far better case. Bishop just seems to be clutching at straws, picking apart things that really don’t have much to do with it at all.

    Having said all my woes, now, Broadchurch series 2 is good. It’s very good, and I’m enjoying it, because it’s still what Broadchurch was quintessentially all about – the characters – and in that respect, it remains the same, which is good, because the characters were the highlights of series 1. And I’ve still really, really enjoyed this series, and I’m hoping for a second series. It was never going to top series 1, and I think the reason people have disliked it is due to the fact that they expected to be the same thing. And it was never going to be the same thing at all.

    I gave episode 7 an 8/10.

  • Jack Bowden

    “Abby, I just wanted to say… I think you’re a horrible person.”

    Most satisfying moment of the entire series so far

    • PK-S

      That made me so happy – although I think Sharon’s deserving of it, too, and I do wish Ben had used… err.. let’s say, more colourful language.

  • matt_david_and_the_fez

    Great review! The whole episode builds up to the final one, so it felt a little incomplete, but a lot of great scenes had happened. Loved the new, reborn Hardy and the Ellie/Hardy team playing detectives are the highlight for me. Their dynamic is superb. Mark and Beth are also very compelling to watch. They feel like real people.

    Rampling yes, she’s amazing. I also like Claire and Lee. They are both crazy and fun to watch.

    I really hope the final episode delivers. I enjoyed this series (even though I agree that certain aspects of the trial weren’t very well made, but in the end, I’m not watching a legal documentary so I forgive Chibnall). Really curious to see how it ends. And maybe perhaps we could expect a third series? I would love that! More Ellie/Hardy always makes me happy :D