• matt_david_and_the_fez

    Glad to see a positive review. I defended this series, because I honestly liked it. And because I have faith in Chibnall, a man who delivered such a wonderful series like series 1 was, could not fail in giving as an equally wonderful series. While I agree series 1 was better in terms of making you invested in the story with all that attention given to little details, in series 2 the writer changed the vibe of the show, while still keeping ”Broadchurch” s magic. This show is fantastic not necessarily because of its story, but because it has strong, complex characters played by brilliant actors.
    I believe the next 2 episodes will be even better than this one.

    • PK-S

      I’m glad you agree – but, as I said last week, I write what I see :-)

  • Freddie Coates

    My disappointment with this episode was the apparent blowing over of the end of the previous episode. With one reference to Thorpe Agriculture but that was it! Other than that, i thought it was great and I agree about Alec’s development.
    Great Review Patrick!