• Mark M

    Another enjoyable read Pat. I agree. You mentioned in the first paragraph that Broadchurch had lost something. Personally I think it is the realism that made the first series so successful, for me it is now almost completely gone. This is no thanks to the courtroom scenes which are so far beyond belief it is actually laughable. Then there’s the fact Hardy chose Miller’s house in the previous episode and as you rightly point out, Beth’s soap-opera labour.
    One thing I will disagree on is that Beth’s reaction to Ellie is actually believable enough. It is not just direct anger, but an extension of Beth’s anger towards herself for failing Danny directed at an easy target of a woman in a with a son of the same age (jealousy plays a part too). I suspect however that might change after Ellie’s horrible (but again farcically unbelievable) treatment in the dock.
    Another thing I noticed when reading another review was the racial stereotyping of having the black character being the one. This I believe is looking for something where it isn’t actually there. But it’s unfortunate that the show I love has fallen into that.
    I really hope it reaches its former glory again next week.

    • PK-S

      Ta, Mark – glad you enjoyed both this and last week’s review (apologies for not replying to your previous comment..).

      Yes, there have been a lot of creative whoopsies in this series, and there’s been an lack of realism or grounded drama but I, like you, still have hopes that Broadchurch will pick itself up and change for the better.

      As for “racial stereotyping”, I presume you mean Sharon Bishop’s son being imprisoned? I’ve not actually seen any complaints about this being ‘racial stereotyping’ but that has a tinge of the Daily Mail about it. Simply, an argument in an empty room – it’s like the accusations that the BBC were pushing a racist agenda by having Danny off Doctor Who be an antagonist (in the Doctor’s eyes): it’s just better to ignore them.

  • 6/10 Really? I don’t know? I loved the first episode. The second one was a bit of a disappointment but this third one was pretty solid if you ask me. The courtroom scenes were pretty gripping(I like the whole bending the facts thing they are going for) and Olivia was just plain marvelous. The only thing I didn’t like was the whole the Ellie-Beth thing at the start, felt a bit out of place but still overall it was quite good. I think it deserves 8/10.

  • Jack Bowden

    6/10 is quite harsh but you’ve defended your points well. Great work as usual, Patrick. Glad you highlighted Mark’s speech to Elizabeth as a high point – definitely one of the most endearing and moving parts of the whole show.

  • I thought I was going to be the only one that liked this episode less.

  • Freddie Coates

    If it is accidental murder is it manslaughter?

  • sontaran17

    Wonderfully put but I disagree, BC continues to go from strength to strength