• Jack Bowden

    Another great review Patrick (I’m going to say this every week – best get used to it!)
    Personally I thought this episode was better than the previous. The final scene had me sweating uncontrollably. It also had one of my single favourites lines of dialogue in recent television history – Beth’s “none of us have anything left to hide” followed by a guilty look from every main character in the room. Brilliant stuff

    • PK-S

      Oh, bless you, Jack – that’s very nice of you to say.

      While I disagree, I loved the “none of us have anything left to hide” although it was handled pretty hamfistedly by Chibnall – the whole SECRETS WILL EMERGE shtick this series has been running has been hammered home a little bit too hard..

  • Mark M

    Great Review Pat. I agree that it was a good episode in general terms, however I believe it to be Broadchurch’s weakest offering to date. There were a few glaring illogical moments that pulled me right out of the otherwise:
    – DI Hardy’s decision to use Mills’ house for the meeting didn’t make any sense. Surely as a person he would have realised the emotional turmoil he was putting a friend through, when he could practically have chosen anywhere else.
    -The exhumation of the body, no one would have signed that off unless there was a reason for it.
    – Simple witness statements from the Officers on duty at the time would have been enough for the confession to have stood.
    -Finally the prosecution are absolutely useless at their job, it’s highly unlikely that Beth would not have been primed to face the difficult questions.

  • The Oncoming Hurricane

    I hate to be that gal, but ‘cementation’ simply isn’t a word in the context you used it, Pat.