• Jack Bowden

    Great review Patrick, as per. I really enjoyed all your series one reviews. Anyway, great way to start off the season, the show hasn’t lost a bit of tension. Bathroom scene between Miller and Hardy was hilarious and sad at the same time.

    • PK-S

      Thank you – how lovely of you! I wasn’t happy with my series one reviews in the end so that’s very nice of you to say.

      The bathroom scene was an episode highlight – Tennant and Colman are just brilliant together…

      • Jack Bowden

        You’re welcome! I agree, every scene with the two of them together is just destined for greatness. That scene especially stood out with the mixture of comedy and tension, one of the most perfectly balanced scenes I’ve seen is possibly years. Still laughing about Miller’s reaction when Hardy offers a hug.

  • Freddie Coates

    I echo @Jack Bowden ‘s thoughts Patrick. Great to have Broadchurch back!