• Well, here we are. The final review. I just want to say thank you for all these reviews, Patrick. They’ve certainly made the ‘Broadchurch experience’ much more pleasurable :-D Plus, it doesn’t end here for me. I’m still going to West Bay in the summer holidays for a week. Can’t wait! :-D

    I agree with everything here. Broadchurch has been an incredible, emotional journey, from start to finish :-)

    • @TheSeaDevil:disqus – it has been an honor, giving my opinions on such a remarkable series. I’m going to West Bay, also funnily enough, I think it’ll be amazing. Will you stay in Becca’s hotel? Buy DWM in Jack Marshall’s newsagent? Stop off at the spot where Danny died? Peer into Susan Wright’s caravan?

      Broadchurch has been fantastic.

      • Imagine that. Buying DWM from Jack (If he hadn’t killed himself, that is…)

        Me: Ok, I’ll just buy this, and this packet of Jelly Babies, thanks

        Jack: Ohhh, Doctor Who. I was in that once you know?

        Me: Oh yeah! You were! Well, it’s not real I suppose, I’m guessing you’re a nice guy in real life

        *Two familiar robots appear by the door*

        • The Centre Of The Hurricane

          Or alternative Jack:

          DWM? What’s that dear boy, hmmm?

          • Or Jack Harkness O.o

            Ah, good old DWM. I know The Doctor, he’s a good friend of mine

            Wait a second

            Why am I in West Bay?? What has happened?? Why am I running a newsagents??

  • I just watched the finale myself so I’m still pretty stunned, but I’ll try to convey my opinions on this review.

    I agree – Broadchurch was astounding and the same can be said about your reviews. You’ve given us eight magnificent reviews which reflect perfectly well over the episodes! I must say this review, in particular, is stupendous and you truly put your great writing abilities to use. Whilst this series can almost be categorised as perfect – you still managed to be analytical when necessary and I commend that. I am extremely pleased that you were the one to review this show as you have done it true justice. I will conclude with this:

    ……………………………………….Series 2!…………………………………….

    • Hello there Tyler, thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure providing Cult Fix-ers with Broadchurch reviews.

      This review is the one I’m most proud of, so thank you for calling it “stupendous”; its hugely appreciated.

  • Thank you everyone for bearing with my reviews since the beginning.

    It has been a wild, emotional, tense and fantastic journey, thank you all my readers.

    I may have a treat in store for you later this week, a very special one but don’t get your hopes up, its still only a possibility.

  • TheCommenterOfTheTARDIS

    Well done on a superb review, Patrick! I’ve read all your reviews for the series, and have really enjoyed them!

    The first series of Broadchurch was outstanding television! A truly gripping story with a fantastic, slightly emotional conclusion. Top-notch television with some fantastic performances from all the cast! It’s been an absolute joy to watch, and I tip my hat off to Chris Chibnall for crafting such a fantastic storyline. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us for Series 2!! :D

    And who knows? If Tennant returns, we may hear his booming cry of “Bloody Twitter!” again!! ;D

  • That Awkward Silent

    I adored the show and your reviews have been one of the highlights of the week. My Monday nights are going to be quite empty without Broadchurch, Let’s see if those two new sitcoms next week are any good shall we?

    • The Centre Of The Hurricane

      Regarding vicious, anything that’s managed to get two Knights of the Realm for its lead roles has to be somewhat decent.

  • Well done, Pat. As with the rest of your reviews, this is brilliant. You’ve summed up my thoughts almost to the letter.

    I also found myself initially underwhelmed by Joe Miller’s reveal (not just because of the identity, but how it was handled seemed anti-climactic in itself), but Chris redeemed this seeming falter by reminding us what Broadchurch was always intended to be about, and what it had been from the start; the people within this community. It was never meant to be a ‘whodunit’, the focus was primarily on the characters and their struggles in the wake of Danny’s murder. This was hammered home to great effect as the episode neared its conclusion, especially with the heartbreaking reaction of Ellie to the news that she had been lying next to the culprit all this time (if Olivia doesn’t receive a plethora of awards for that performance, I suggest a protest). I do think the fire shenanigans were a bit much, though. That was just a bit too…cheesy for my liking. But, all in all, a fantastic end to what’s been a stand-out piece of TV.

  • Great review!
    I read all your reviews from start of the series to finish and I have only one little edit to make–you mixed up the names of Mark Latimer and the actor playing him, Andrew Buchan.

    • Thank you @twitter-219716993:disqus , I appreciate it. In what sentence did I confuse them? Thanks for pointing it out.

      • “Other townspeople, such as Mark Buchan and Jodie Whittaker as the bereaved parents” ;)

        • Ah, thanks for pointing that out to me. I appreciate it.

          I need to get others to proofread better!

  • Well done Patrick, great review.

    Like @Goodyear92:disqus , I was initially disappointed by the reveal. But now I’m glad that it was him. Seeing how everyone reacted to it was wonderful. It was so well done… the music, the directing, the writing (though why kill the poor snail? That really bothered me), and most of all the acting. Olivia Coleman demonstrated what a stellar actress she is hear. You were made to sympathise with every character, even, to some extent, the killer himself. What a splendid final scene, too. That was the second time I ever cried watching a TV show for the first time. Even Exit Wounds didn’t do that the first time.